Wednesday, May 20, 2009

move your best

Why, oh why do I binge. I HATE that out of control feeling. Yesterday started off good...walked , water was going great......then came lunch. We decided to go to Rubio's. They have healthy choices there and I ordered what I thought was a 7 pt chicken bowl. When I got it I knew DANG well it wasn't 7 pts., but well, I thought what I don't know...blah blah blah. Got back to the office and looked up the nutritional info and found out that it was 12 POINTS. HOLY CRAP! I was not expecting that. Well, after that I had some chocolate kisses, then I had turkey tacos with the low point tortilla for dinner.....then another...then FOUR 100 cal snack packs, chocolate pretzels. I bought them just for that purpose. Of course I wouldn't admit that to myself at the store. DAMN IT. I was sick and feeling "gross full" when I went to bed last night. Plus I drank almost a gallon of water. GROSS FULL. I have no clue why I decided to start...what was the point where I couldn't stop? I don't know. It's over......MOVE FORWARD.

So today is a new day. I got my almost 4mile walk in this morning before work. I've got 2 buddies I walk with in the morning now. I really look forward to that time. I have already filled up the gallon jug with water and have made a good dent in it. I haven't eaten anything yet this morning. Big mistake, so I am going to get to the food store and grab some fruit. I still kind of feel full, so when I feel hungry, I'll eat.

Got a doctor's appointment with my GYN this afternoon. Hoping that I can get something done about my hormones. If they tell me one more time that I am in normal reange I will scream. SERIOUSLY! Right there in the office. I know somethingis off. I am not crazy, there is something going on. So......we'll see. Then tonight I have a B-day dinner at a BUFFET. I hate them! Good luck to me..... Lots of veggies......and chicken, maybe they will have fish. Oh well, so much of life revolves around food! You just can't get away from it. I will do my best, and try not to stress too much about it. Eat like a thin person! Easier said then done.

move you best


  1. Just do the next "good for you" thing. Don't look back, just move forward, as you said.

  2. Forget what's done and move forward. You haven't failed until you stop trying.

  3. Forgive yourself and move on. You're right, today is a new day.

    Good for you for getting that walking in, and I'm glad you've got walking buddies.

    I really wish you well at the doctor's this afternoon. That's my worst area in life, too. I hope they're able to figure something out for you!

  4. It is hard to move forward, when you have had a not so great night eating wise the day before, since I've been there many times! All you can do is move forward and do better the next day.

    One tip I learned about buffetts is to walk around the buffet and check out all the foods before you make a choice. And then you can make a more informed choice what you want, also get a salad plate rather than a dinner plate. Good luck at the doctor's!

  5. Thinking of you today and hoping your doctors appointment went well!

  6. well done for getting back on track. Now you know what happened (feeling thrown by incorrect information, feeling you had lost control?), you are less likely to react the same if something goes awry again. This is the only way we are going to get through this!

    Good luck at the doctors!

  7. My med doctor told me my thyroid and hormones were in normal range. Yeah, right. It took tests ordered by my chiropractor to show that my hormones were all out of whack and my thyroid is under-functioning. Taking iodine supplements and using Natural Change cream has helped me a lot.

  8. I knew you wouldn't stay down for long. I tend to eat too much because I don't want to waste the mountain of food that's on my plate at a restaurant. I always think I'm doing something good but it turns out to have the opposite effect.

    Good luck with the doc. I've not felt myself for a couple of years either but am chalking it up to "The Change". Women get all the fun stuff.

  9. You aren't alone in this. I quit buying those 100 cal packs because there isn't enough in those little packs to keep anyone satisfied and I don't have the willpower.....

    Today's a new day, brush it off and move on, right?

  10. how was the appointment?

    and welcome to a new day.
    I know it is HARD and so much easier typed than done but try and NOT look backward.
    only forward.
    move as much as you can.
    rehydrate yourself.
    and lean on the support of the blogworld.

  11. You have a great attitude! Moving forward is the key. I don't know why I do that either, chowing down even when I'm full. Hang tough!

    Good for you for getting in your walk. Hope you didn't have to scream at the MD!

  12. walking buddies are the best! it's always
    more fun when you have someone right by your
    side. fo'sho.

    i hope your gyn appointment goes well.
    don't leave until they give you what you
    want to hear. what you know it right. don't
    let them shrug it off.

    hang in there! you'll be great at the
    buffet. i am sure of it.

    and thanksssss so much for your words of
    encouragement! you rock!

  13. Great job on the four mile walk!

  14. Been missing seeing you around blogland - hope you had a lovely weekend and are now back on track with the diet.

  15. Been missing you! I can usually count on you for a post nearly every day. Hope all is well. 100 calorie packs are EVIL i tell you! I don't buy them. Who can eat just one???Let us hear from you! Jinx!

  16. checking on you.
    how was your weekend?
    are you feeling now?


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