Friday, September 30, 2011

I Really Have Changed !

Friday, Friday! I have no homework this weekend. You can just imagine the huge smile on my face. I am going to redo the computer project we did in class, but that's just to make sure I can recreate it on my own. I turned in my "big" essay yesterday. I wrote about my Little Lady from last year at this time. She was easy to write about, she was such a character. It made me miss her like crazy.

I am helping out tomorrow at Mr. King's wake tomorrow. I will get to meet all his family. That's the fun part. I am walking every day again. Weight is down again this week. Lowest in over a year. It feels good to have my pants falling off my butt!

This weekend is also General Conference. This happens twice a year. Our church leaders come together and give us uplifting messages and guidance. You watch via the internet at It's on at 10:00 MST. Listen in, it always makes me feel better. About life in general and about me. If you miss it live, the rerun it and there will be a link on the website.

I have noticed that my eating has become routine. The way I eat. I haven't been to a fast food place, besides Subway since I moved in to the new place. I have been too busy to think about food. Whoopee! Being busy is really good, at least for me it is. Not too busy, but not having all that free time to eat and think about eating. I have really changed! It just happened. Over time without me really noticing. I feel good about that. I was so afraid when I stopped smoking that my weight would shoot up, but it didn't. I put thought and behavior modification back in June, but it hasn't been as hard as thought it would be. I really am my own worse enemy. Slowly that is changing too!

Have a great weekend!

Keep the mood and the food real..............

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mr King Passed Today

Mr King passed away today. Yesterday his wife released back to Heavenly Father. I consider that to be the most amazing act of faith. They had just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary at the 1st of this month. I will miss seeing them at the breakfast table drinking their instant coffee with CNN blasting in the background. They loved Nutella on toast. Every morning!

I think I still have a job. She will need someone to check in on everyday. I am waiting to see if the daughter talks her into going back Ohio. I am all for whatever is best for her. I love this lady! Still not freaking out. What will be will be.

I hope I can show as much faith as she has. I can do hard things.

keep the mood and the food real...............

Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Marchs On

Well life has been marching on. School has been going great. I am getting better with the typing, still have a ways to go. Last Sunday the kids came over to watch the game. My daughter is a Cardinals fan and my son is a Redskins fan. My daughter brought all kinds of good stuff to eat. I had to leave early to go to church. I taught my class and it went ok. I didn't feel like I was very prepared. Next month will be better.

On the food and exercise front?? Well I have been been making pretty good choices. I am down on the scales as of yesterday morning. Still wearing my size 14's. I feel really good about myself at this time. Going to enjoy it, cause I know that the tide can turn, and then I will be back to self loathing. Walking every morning at least 2 miles. I love listening to The Mormon Channel. It's an app I get on my phone and it is full of such good stuff. Technology is the BOMB!

I still have boxes that need to be unpacked. My new place is bigger then my old place. I feel like I need more furniture. Alas, I have no money for anything new. It will just have to echo in my downstairs. I do LOVE it here though. It was so nice to have a decent air conditioner and lots of room for my kids and GKids on Sunday!

Tonight I am going to a dinner for my BFF. It was planned my another friend of hers. Lots of friends coming so it should be fun. That other friend kind of drives me nuts, but she has a good heart and shouldn't be that way. My daughter will be there as well, so I am glad of that.

I am writing my descriptive essay on my Little Lady that I took care of a year ago. While writing it I cried a little. I really miss her. Mr. King had a stroke, but it looks like Mrs. King is going to keep me employed. Bless her heart. I don't know how long it will last. There is really just a limited amount of stuff to do at her house now, and I am sure a care center will cost her lots of money. They aren't rich, by any stretch of the the imagination. I am strangely not freaking out. Something always come up for me. I will be putting feelers out there to see if I can find something else just in case. I am still going to Mrs. H. We went to see The Debit yesterday. I really liked it. Still trying to clean out her house, but it's kind of a loosing battle :(

I guess that's it for the week. I have missed not having my blogroll, but it has forced me to branch out and read other blogs that I haven't read before. This really is a great community of people! Have a great weekend. I have a baby shower and then a church broadcast tomorrow evening.

Keep the mood and the food real................

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I guess I needed to remove my blog roll. Another blogger has been attacked. I hope I can remember everyone I love. I will get it back when things settle down.

The World is My Oyster

I have been having crazy dreams again. Last night I was living in bondage. I kept trying to save my Gkids from "the people." Don't ask me who the people are. Anyway, I kept waking up so I would stop dreaming it, but I kept right on dreaming the same damn thing. I finally decided to just get up. Maybe I will get a nap today. I plan on going to the computer lab this morning. Getting my assignments done. That way I will have help if I need it. I won't get as frustrated. Well, that's the plan. I need to find my mouse.

My Gson has a football game this morning at 8 am. Going to go watch for awhile. Still working on the typing skills. I suck. Shelly asked how I got through Jr. High. Well in my hick town I guess they didn't think it was important. I wish so bad that I had learned it when I was young. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I am trying right now to even type properly, but I make so many mistakes. Not giving up just yet, especially since I have paid for the online class. Practice Practice Practice!!

I have to teach Sunday. I need to get a lesson together. I seem so over whelmed. So much to do. Yesterday morning I got a few more things unpacked. I still need to put my knick-knacks around. It doesn't feel like home just yet, but it will.

I completed a huge spiritual goal this past week. I am very proud. Things are going good in the no smoking area. Better then I thought. Why didn't I stop earlier? I haven't gained any weight, really. In fact I have lost. That was my reason for not stopping. I thought I would gain weight. I am consistently under 200 lbs. With everything I have going on I will take it. I was looking at old pictures. Man, I was so big. How did I ever walk around in the body. I remember my heart pounding going up and down the stairs of my house. Walking one mile was an event. I am happy with the life I have now. So much better.

Well, if I am going to walk I better wrap it up. Grateful for all the opportunities that are available to me. Really! I The world is my oyster!

Keep the mood and the food real............

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Out the Door

So I walked 3 miles yesterday morning. Plan on getting 2 miles in before school. I am taking the typing class. UGH! I suck. I can't, not look at the screen. I just keep practicing. And practicing. I am not giving up just yet.

My weight is up a little but that was no surprise. Yesterday Mrs. King was talking care center again for her hubs. Making me nervous, but not freaked. Got my hairs cut. Didn't have the creepy experience that Roxie did :) It is short though. Kind of glad that it is.

Well I guess I didn't have that much to say. Need to get out the door. Hope every one is having a great week.

Keep the mood and the food real................

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh My Toe!

Tuesday already? Well class today wasn't too bad. I have to improve my typing skills. I can't not look at the keyboard. I type so slow. Signed up for an online typing class. Anywoo, felt a lot better about computers in general. Got 100% of all assignments done. (wipes brow with hankie)

Last night I had to get an in grown toe nail taken care of. Ouch! I want to walk in the morning. I will have to see how it feels in a sneaker. Wish me luck. I haven't walked with any regularity since I moved. So it's time to get back at it. Food has been crap too. Not really bad, but bad enough. I haven't been on the scales. Think I will wait a bit to do that. I fit into those 14s. Why mess with it.

Had the oldest Gson over for Saturday night. Went to see Spy Kids. It was just ok. He loved it. Then we went shopping and then it RAINED!!! I know lots of excitement for rain. It poured. We were drenched between the car and front door. Of course, I couldn't get the door open and the water was pouring off the roof. It was so much fun. We dried off and snuggled and watched TV till I fell asleep. I am going to take advantage of this time. It won't last forever.

Sunday I went to church with my daughter and her family. The 5 year old gave his 1st talk in Sunday School. Too cute. I loved seeing my daughter up there helping him. Made me cry. I have such good kids.

Tonight it's book club. It was a short little book I read yesterday morning. I don't really want to go, but I need to start getting out more. I used to go all the time. The girl that took it over isn't my cup of tea, so I haven't been. I don't have to like everyone, and everyone doesn't have to like me. Just won't happen. If I don't want to go I don't have to. Right?? Tonight I will go for my BFF. She doesn't want to go alone, so I want to go for her. Tomorrow it's the King's. It looks like for now my job is safe. She doesn't want to put him in a care center just yet. They have been married 64 years. It's hard. They are just the sweetest.

Been keeping up with all of you. Haven't really commented, but know that I am lurking. It's not suppose to get out of the 90's this week. Thank the Lord!! I am so ready for cooler weather.

Keep the mood and the food real....................

Friday, September 9, 2011

Haapy Birthday to ME!

It was a great Bday. I went to class in the morning. First computer class. Holy Hell!! I was so lost. I felt so lost and frustrated and stressed out. I know that I went into being fearful, but WOW !! Computers kind of scare me. I know that I can do it. It will get easier, but I wanted to cry. I need to sit next to some young kid that will help me. I need one on one.

Then it was off to Scottsdale to work for Mrs H. I thought we were going shopping and out to lunch, but her daughter was there, so it was hard labor for me. It wasn't bad and I only stayed a couple of hours. Then it was home to take it easy. I am telling you, that TV was the best money I've spent in the while. I know that it's a huge waste of time, but I do enjoy it. Still no more unpacking. I am not going to worry about it. When I feel like it, it will happen. I just don't have it in me. I am spent both mentally and physically. When big change is involved, even this wonderful change, I kind of shut down. Besides, I haven't felt well and between school, work, and family, well I just need more time.

I wore my size 14s yesterday. Haven't bee able to fit comfortably into those pants in over a year, I was unable to find my scales yet, so no weigh in. Besides, why ruin the good I feel thinner though. I haven't walked all week. It has been a long time since that has happened. I will find my mojo again. It's not unpacked either :) Having so much to do has really curbed my eating overall.

I was over whelmed by all my Bday wishes on FB and here on my blog. I really do have lots of really great people in my life!! Some of my greatest friends are of the cyber variety. I feel the love and all that great energy that came my way.

I think the Kings, the couple I take care of, are getting pressure to put the hubs in a home. He is getting harder for her to take of on a daily basis. He is getting aggressive. I might be loosing my job. I feel weirdly not freaked out. I am not used to not worrying. I am sure it will hit me, though. Maybe not, maybe I will feel peace and trust. It could happen!

Well better wrap this up and get in the shower. I am going out to have breakfast with the Gboys for Gparent day at the school. I am kind of excited. My 5 year Gson doesn't know. It's a surprise. We went out to dinner last night and had a quick fun time. The oldest Gson gets his one on one with GeGe this weekend. I think we are going to see Spy Kids. Then swimming. Then I am going to church on Sunday with them. The 5 year is giving his 1st talk in Sunday School. I love my church. Everyone have a great weekend.

Keep the mood and food real...........

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wasting TIme

I am not feeling it. I wish I was. I have had a hard time bouncing back from the move. With the back and the heat I have not had any mojo. I haven't wanted to do anything. I have had a stomach bug too. I haven't been eating the best and haven't been walking either. BOO! It shouldn't last too much longer. I just need a chance to regroup.

The kids talked me into buying a TV that has WiFi. So glad I did. I put it in the living room. It has gotten me out of my bedroom, which is were I have been know to hyphenate. I have been watching Cosby. Big waste of time. I should be unpacking, but like I said, not feeling it.

I am still loving school. The teacher read my essay out loud in front of the class because he liked it so much. One of three read. I was so proud. It was about some one who made a difference in my life. I cried when I wrote it. This writing thing is very therapeutic. Well, duh. Why have I blogged for over 2 years. I think I am going to take a typing class. It's going to be hard to be in the computer class and type the way I type. I have to look at the keyboard. So I am going to do an online class. I need to get back to admissions. Like I said , wasting time.

So I guess I need to kick my butt in gear. I need to get off this couch and get with it. So I guess I am going to sign off.

Keep the mood and the food real...............

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bed Rest

I am taking a day off from life. My back is killing. I was moving boxes around and pulled something. So no church. It's the bed for me. Boring. I have watched 2 seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond. Season 5 is the best. I am watching About a Boy right now and scanning blogs and facebook. Working on some homework. I am looking forward to my kids coming over tomorrow for a get together. Wish I could unpack. I have done a little, but wish it was all done. I have a bed to sleep in. I know where my clothes are and I went food shopping yesterday. I unpacked the pots and pans. So I have the basics put away.

Bed rest makes me hungry. So far it's been strawberries, nectarines, corn, chicken, and it's not even dinner time. Thought the muscle relaxer my friend brought over would make me sleep. I do best with those things one at a time. When you sleep you can't No such luck.

So, guess it's back to the movie. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. I am working tomorrow, but just a couple of hours. I did take some before pics. Will hoping fully have some after pics this next week.

Keep the mood and the food real........

Friday, September 2, 2011


I am all moved as of 9:22 AM. It was a hot, hard job, but it's done. All the young hubs in my church were at a marriage and family class, so I got stuck with old men that couldn't lift more then 10 lbs:) That's not quite true. My son and SIL helped. I got 3 young men to help me yesterday morning, then we moved the rest of the stuff this morning. It was mostly all out by last night. The really big stuff.

So I love it and I couldn't be happier. I am going to take my time unpacking and go through my crap, most of it is, and donate a lot of stuff. The air conditioning is SO much better. The place is so much bigger. I am just so glad it's done. Yesterday while I was moving I just kept thinking about what Shelly said, something about it being worth suffering for a day. She was right. I can say that now, that it's done :)

I love fresh starts! Have a good long weekend.

Keep the mood and the food real.......

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving Day

Today is the day. It's moving day. I am anxious to see how this plays out. I only saw the new place once. I can't really remember it. I just remember that it's not this place. Moving out and up! Gotta keep it short, I have some more home work to do. Another spelling test today.

Like I said, strangely not freaking out. Last night's dream? I was on a boat with Betty White and there was a typhoon. Was wondering if I should tie myself to the boat or put on a life jacket. I wonder what that means. Any thoughts?

I was reading posts from this time last year. Made me cry. I stayed in that work situation for way to long. I remember how degraded I felt. Today I can see that it was the best thing that happened to me. Then I thought they had ruined my life. Getting fired at 50, on my birthday. Yep, best thing that happened to me.

Keep the mood and the food real........