Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday watching Netflix resting my back and my hip. I have the afternoon to myself. Eating not been so good. I haven't walked in a few days because my hip is been really acting up.

Not going to freak and I am just up a pound. I am in it for the long hall. I will just keep pressing forward. LDS women's meeting was last night. My biggest take away from that meeting was that life is made up of moments. Choose to be happy in the moment. I know for me that's when I feel joy. When I am in the moment and it always involves people that I love. 

Also associate with people that make you want to be better. I feel surrounded with those kinds of people. Everybody needs their very own cheerleader. I try to be a cheerleader in return. 

Back to Netflix! 

Keep the mood and the food real........

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 2

Wow! I made it to another day. Things are going good. I had a egg white sausage and cheese omelet. It was delish. Then I went for a 2 mile walk. I love waking up early and getting out now that it is a little  cooler. I have almost all my homework done. That never happens. I really enjoy the family history classes.

 Cassie and the girls went to see Wicked last night. Tonight Dan and Cassie will go see Def Leopard. Lots of fun. 

Keep the mood and the food real......................

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Never Give Up

     I was pretty sure I had forgotten how to even use blogger. Blogger didn't make it easy, but I figured it out. I have really started to get down to business in the weight loss department. Looking for a way to be held accountable and successful. I know that keeping a journal was I huge reason for my success a few years ago. I weighed this morning and I weighed 229.6 lbs. That is down from my highest regain weight of 255. I am doing using a Weight Watcher app and it has really helped. Started walking again about a year ago with a new walking buddy, but have not been consistent. I will walk about 3-4 days a week. Better then nothing, but not good enough. Will do better.

Ok let's see if I can do this again tomorrow!

Keep the mood and the food real........................

Thursday, July 17, 2014

He is sad cause all the people who drop food to him have gone on vacay.  I miss them too Buddy!


Prepared all my food at home yesterday.  Woke up too late to walk.  My walking buddy doesn't walk on Thursday so I will try again tomorrow.  I clean a house with stairs tomorrow as well. That is a workout!!!  The kids that live there always ask me if I am ok cause I sweat BUCKETS.  Cute kids.

Following the report of the airliner that was shot down.  The man I take care of LOVES Fox News.

Food was better but not perfect.  Trying to drink lots of water.  Focusing on the simple things.

Have a great day!

keep the mood and the food real................

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back Again

Well here I am again today.  I really don't know what to write but I was so excited to see that my sweet friends remember me.  I got up early this morning and walked 2 miles.  I have found a new walking buddy and that helps so much!  I am living with my daughter and her family since returning from Utah about a year ago.  I do like it and love having my Gkids around all the time.

 Anywoo.....they went to a family reunion and will be out of town till next week.  I did some just me grocery shopping and it was nice.  I don't usually food shop, or if I do it's for the family.  My family eats at all different times so I have been just grabbing some healthy take outs and eating when I want.  It's not like that all the time, but sometimes.If I am eating usually I have 5 faces in my face trying to "have just a bite".  Actually that has helped me not eat so much.

It's been an adjustment living with 5 kids and 2 more adults.  I am working doing house cleaning and elder care.  I have plenty of work and all in all life is good.  I have lots of free time when I am working the elder care so it is the perfect time to blog.  Planning on chicken and squash for dinner.  Lunch is a salad.  I forgot how I use to eat when I was loosing.  Having the kids gone for a week will force to to cook for myself and it will all come back to least I hope so.

keep the mood and the food real.................

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Putting my toe in the water.  I enjoyed blogging so much and I know that it was a huge reason I succeeded in the past.  I gain back almost all my weight back.  I just didn't think I deserved it.  I haven't had a computer for a long time either.  I just got a new one and realized I really did miss not having my own.

So I need to go and see what everyone else has been up to.

keep the mood and the food real.........

Monday, December 10, 2012

Contentment at last

Oh my goodness!!  I can't beleive how long it's been since I haave posted here.  So maybe things have changed.  The month I moved in with my son and daughter in law, a friend from high school asked if I wanted to be a "Granny Nanny" for her 86 year old mother.  It would mean moving back to my home town and living with the woman. 

I didn't hesitate.  I had a good feeling about it from the start, so I went for it.  So, as of the first of October I have been residing in a cozy little home in Orem, UT.  The woman is just a sweetheart.  So easy to please and I feel so comfortable.  The pay is great too.  I like living with someone and it has just been a win/win.  I love my surroundings.  I love the mountains, the memories, being around my extended family.  My sister lives here, as does my aunt, a ton of cousins on both sides of the family.  Of course the downside is I am away from my kids and my grandkids.  I miss them terribly, but at the same time I feel like this was really the right move for me.  I have been walking and loving  it.  Food has been hit and miss.  Emotionally though, I feel so much better.

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have had issues with my teeth.  Due to the wreckage of my past they looked bad and I was having toothaches all the time.  I was going to lose my front teeth.  I was mortified.  I decided to go to a dentist and find out what it would cost to get all my top teeth pulled and get dentures.  It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be.  I work some financial stuff out and 2 weeks ago I had all of them pulled and a new upper plate waiting for me. 

This has been really hard to get used to.  I feel bad bitching about wanting to rip them out of my head, because I am so GRATEFUL to have them.  That is a lot of hardware in my mouth.  I am slowly getting used to them.  I love how they look.  Talk about a boost to my confidence.  I don't have to cover my mouth when I laugh.  I can eat with more teeth then just my front ones.  I lost 10 pounds in the week after the extractions, that help give me a little boost as well.  I am learning how to eat and talk and that has been frustrating as well.

I am looking forward to going to AZ to see the kids for Christmas.  I have my shopping done and I am actually feeling in the holiday spirit.  Most of you know that this is has not been a favorite time of year for me.  I just feel so damn blessed, it's hard not to feel the warm, giving, holiday feelings.

 I am going to try hard to update here and really get down to getting healthy again. The walks have helped a lot to motivate me.  I have been reading all of your blogs, not commenting.  I haven't felt like it.  Everyone seems to be doing so well, it makes me kind of jealous, instead of glad for all of you. I forget about the abundance approach to life.  There is plenty of good things for everybody.  I haven't been making the decisions that have been bringing me weight loss results.  I am the master of my universe.  I can make it happen.  I know I can.

I have been really trying to focus on the reason for the season.  I love the congregation here in my church and they have already put me to work.  The LDS church is the same everywhere you go, that is very comforting and reassuring as well.  My little lady, her name is Velma by the way, has lived here for over 30 years and everyone loves her and so they are welcoming to me.

Well that's it......that's plenty.  Let's see how long it takes for me to post again.  I would love to get into the habit again.  I know that was a major part of my weight loss success from before.

Keep the mood and the food felt good to type that :)