Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things I am grateful for this morning

Things that I am grateful for this morning!

That I saw 2 new dogs on my walk this morning. I like dogs, but only when they aren't mine.

That it looks like I am not going to get the help I thought I was going to get to move, but strangely I am not freaking out...progress, no? I am not on any time limit, just my own. I want out of here and to have an orderly house again.

That my garden is still thriving despite this heat. AND that I get to take it with me. It's all in pots! Smartest move I made this summer.

That I have picked out who I am going to write my in class essay about and have actually written some notes. The day the the assignment was given! Who am I? Did I say that I am loving school?

That I walked 2 miles this morning. Blisters are still a little raw. I keep forgetting to get those socks Dawn told me about.

Sleep was a little better. Still dreamed I was lost in Walmart. Weird, right?? Just couldn't get home. I knew it was a dream while I was dreaming it. I woke up when the police tried to arrest me for vagrancy :) Yea, I think I need to move!

BEST THING I weighed this morning 195.6. I haven't been this low in months. I haven't been trying really. Just staying away from the drive thrus and eating food I cook. Walking 5 days a week.

Hope you find things that make you grateful today!

Keep the mood and the food real............

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dana C......Zombie Fighter

It is 96 degrees at 4:30 am. What the Freak?? I am not going walking this morning, I don't think, anyway. The blisters are still touchy, and I wore my sneakers all day yesterday. ( bad idea ) I might go just a mile. Clear the old noggin. I am trying real hard not to get stressed out or overwhelmed by everything. The move, school, preparing for my next lesson in Sunday school, MONEY. You know the usual stuff. I think that I am just so damn happy to be getting out of here that I feel some stress falling away the closer I get.

Or not. As you will see by my dream last night. I was fighting zombies till 1:30 am. They really never die. It was quite frightening. I finally woke myself up at 1:30 and wanted to cry because I really needed more sleep. So I said a little prayer that I wouldn't dream the same thing. I went back to bed. Prayer answered, but I spent the rest of night looking for my car in Walmart parking lot. With an old boyfriend that thought he was going home with me. Thank goodness I never found the damn car. At 4:30 I thought enough is enough and just gave up and got up. Tried to look up an interpretation. Found nothing about, except a lot of links to finding my dream . So, there you have it. After fighting Zombies and looking for my car all night I am exhausted.

I am going to Mrs. H's house today. She wants to go see The Help again. She's buying, so I go. Not a bad gig, if you can get it. She says she didn't quite get all the dialog last time. Yesterday the funniest, saddest thing happened at the Kings....that's what I will call the couple I take care of Mon, Wed, Fri. Mr K has Alzheimer's. Pretty advanced. Mrs K and I were in the other room and we could hear him talking. I found him having a fight with the man in the closet mirrors. All out fight. Telling that SOB he better get out of here and fast. Demanding the SOB in the mirror to answer him. I thought he was going to punch the mirror. Some day he probably will. She says he does it a lot lately. She laughed. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Makes my petty problems look, well petty. My Blanding friend told me while I was there, Dana you have got to remember there's a difference between a lump in your breast and a lump in your oatmeal. Well spoken, my dear friend.

I am tried of watching the news in the morning. Yes, yes I know I say that a lot. I have found it sets the tone for the entire day. Believe it or not the world does not quit spinning if I don't turn on CNN to just make sure it is. I am reading and meditating more. Gonna give myself a couple more spelling tests, then it's off to school for me. I really do love it. Computer class starts Tuesday. Hope I like it just as well.

Hope everyone's Tuesday is wonderful. Stay cool and for those in the east stay dry. You are in my prayers.

Keep the mood and the food real.................

Monday, August 29, 2011

Things that made me smile this morning

Ok I am copying Roxie, but here goes,

1. My air conditioning is leaking on to the carpet. I am moving out of this sht hole in 2 days.


2. I love my new English Composition class. Ready for my spelling test and the response I just wrote. Smile !

3. I have a ton of friends helping me move. Smile.

4. I walked 3 miles in the heat but I did it...Smile

5. I feel like a new person! I can't wait to get into my new place! Smile.

Not as long or as adventurous as Roxie's, but hey, it's a start.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Riding the storm out

I am posting to keep from walking. Those dang blisters are still a pain. I need to just double up on bandaids and bite the bullet and JUST DO IT! I took a weekend off from kids. I am planning on packing up as much of the rest of the house as possible. I definitely will have the keys on the 1st. I need to go get some cleaning stuff to get this place cleaned before I give the keys back. I am hoping that a big bunch of men from my church sign up to help me move. They usually do. If I can get the move in before the holiday week end, I am sure I will. I am getting very excited.

I asked the kids to buy me some new bedding for my Bday. I want to room to totally different. I want it to be just a lovely place. That's were I spend most of my time. I sent my daughter so many emails of "suggestions" she thought she was being spammed by Kohls. :) I was bored on evening and my back hurt, sue me.

There is something wrong with my Ipod. I can't get it to hold onto any of my music. UGH! I can't do any buying of anything, really, until I have moved in. I makes moving, walking, riding in cars, well just life in general sucky. But I have the strength to carry on. Inspiring aren't I?

Anywoo, I enrolled in the gym class at school. Which gives me a gym membership there at the school. A very good decision. It's a little far away, but it will work. Besides I will be there anyway. I am so sick of walking in the heat.

Well That's it for this end. Guess I best get busy. If you live on the east coast please take care. I am so glad I have a 72 hour kit. Being prepared is a great way to feel. I pray that it's not as bad as they say and that the storm does not live up to the hype.

Keep the mood and the food real.............

Friday, August 26, 2011


Man I wore the cutest shoes yesterday to school. They gave me the cutest little blisters you ever did see. I can't hardly walk this morning without it hurting. Needless to say the cute shoes are being donated. I am the oldest person in my English class. Trying to dress like a college aged person is just not worth it. I signed up for a life time fitness class. Which means I will have free rein of the gym at school. I have to get in a 20 minute orientation class. That will happen on Tuesday. I am loving school. I am anxious for the changes that are going to happen so very soon. Usually I freak out. So far no freak.

What is freaking me out is this HEAT. So sick of heat advisories. Do walking today. Blisters kill. Not getting a gkid this weekend either. I need a break from them too. I need to get my house all packed up. I will make it up to them next week. After I am in the new place. The "new place"!! Makes me so excited. Last night my friend from Blanding was in town and they took me out to eat at Red Lobster. I just got a salad and a Shrimp Cocktail. It was good and filling. My friend and I both flaked out on water aerobics. I was exhausted and fell asleep at around 7 pm.

Well that was my Thursday. Boring, just like I like it!

Keep the mood and the food real.................

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiritual Goals

Wow! Where did the week go? I haven't done lick of packing. My friend will be coming today and then I am going to try and get lots done Saturday. No playing this weekend. Work! Work! Work! I have been doing ok this both work and school. Weight was down again this Wed...197.6. I was pleasantly surprised once again. I have been walking all mornings but Tuesday and Thursday. I have school very early and this morning I am going to finish some homework. I was thinking of ways to make it better, so I am going to do it. I have to go over some spelling words. I am a pretty good speller, so I hope I do ok.

Went to my Bishop last night and I have achieve a huge spiritual goal that I have been shooting for, for a long time. My son and his wife have bought a house. Went and looked at that. Very nice. Hope they will be happy there.

Well that's really about it for now. I best get to that homework. It's suppose to be more intense heat this weekend. I will be so glad to have summer over. SO GLAD.

Have a great weekend.....Keep the mood and the food real...........

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Self Respect

Things are crazy busy here lately! I am trying to make 3 old ladies happy ( never easy ) plus I had my Gdaughter over the weekend. Trying to eat right and get in my walking. It was mostly swimming this weekend. I am on my way out the door after this, to walk 3 miles in the dang heat. Food has been ok. 2 movies yesterday, only got popcorn with one. Went to see Sarah's Key. It's a french film with lots of subtitles, but it was very well done. I hope people will see it. It's about what the French (led by the Germans ) did to the Jews in 1942 during the occupation. I also saw the The Help last week with Mrs H. Bigotry! Some people will believe all kinds of crap to support their prejudices. Man, the friend I went to Sarah's Key with had no idea that the Germans ever occupied France. I LOVE history. Going to try and add a history class this semester. Since I got a bigger scholarship then I thought.

I still can't believe that I start school on TUESDAY! I figured out and then bought my books online last night. Too proud of myself. Damn near broke my arm patting my own back :) I pick them up tomorrow at the book store and then I will meet a sweet "young" friend who will show me where my classes are. I feel like I should go out and buy knee highs and a plaid skirt! I still get to keep all my jobs, as I started all my classes as early as possible. The weather will be getting cooler and I am sure I will need to mix up the walking routine. For now I will just do what I can.

House is full of good food. Drank lots of water. Being busy will go along way in keeping me from shoving crap down the old pie hole. Plus I need to start packing up to move. Everything I put on my list of things to do while I was in Blanding in "exile" are coming true. I CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ! I am sure that my "ward" family will help with the move and it will be done in a flash. I might live out of boxes for awhile, but hell, who cares? I won't be paying the ex boss's mortgage anymore. That goes along way in getting my self respect back. I am you know. Getting my self respect back. Feels darn good!

Have a great Sunday and rest of the week!

Keep the mood and the food real....................

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have great news! I got a huge scholarship that will more then pay for school. So I think I am going to go full time. I was excited when I found that out last night that I actually danced a gig! Yes, a gig. Weigh in sucked. Too many nuts. Up to 200 again. BOO! The Olive Garden Birthday Dinner didn't help either. It was lots of fun though. I have been eating good for me food. Cooking for myself more. So I can deal.

The world is my oyster! I haven't been this excited in a very long time. I love school and can't wait to get my learn on. I am working for the Kings and Mrs. H and they love me and I love them. Feeling lucky and blessed, blessed, blessed! Move out is soon as well. Looking forward with faith and love.

I have been walking outside. It has been HOT! But doable. So I do. This is a short post. Got to get out the door, before it get unbearable!

Thanks Jackie for the guest post! Hope you all read it.

Keep the mood and the food real...........

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jackie's Arc (guest post)

I also wanted to share a new blogger with you. Jackie @ Jackie's Arc. She asked to guest post and I readily agreed. Her blog is upbeat and very informative. Make sure you follow her! Now here's...........Jackie!

Losing Weight Is Never Easy

By: Jackie Clark

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could lose weight just as quickly as we can pack it on? Unfortunately, losing weight is notoriously difficult, and many people give up before they are able to lose the necessary amount of weight. Other common pitfalls are eating too many calories after a work-out, or becoming just another weekend warrior. Furthermore, there are important ways to help you lose weight consistently.

It's important to consume enough calories when you are trying to lose weight, especially when you have a rare condition such as
mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure. Eating too little will actually program your body into "starvation mode", so that it holds onto calories. This is why many women who are thin when they are younger often gain so much weight when they're older--all too often, as young women they were not eating enough. When they started eating normally their bodies filled out more than the women who had always eaten healthfully. So make sure to consume the right amount of calories—you can find calorie counters online to tailor this number to your body type and energy level.

Additionally, it's very important to consume healthy, "clean" foods for the vast majority of those calories. A snickers bar may have the exact amount of calories as a whole plate of sautéed vegetables, but the snickers bar is a different kind of energy. Not only will a sugar spike actually cause your energy to drop, it will make you feel hungrier more quickly. That plate of vegetables is filling, and has lots of fiber and vitamins to make your body strong and healthy. Healthy people have much an easier time going through chemotherapy and other intensive treatments, too, so do your body a big favor and eat as healthfully as you can. Many believe to mention just how helpful
a healthy diet can be while you are combating mesothelioma.

It can take time to adjust to eating healthier foods, but within several weeks your palate will adjust, and the sweetness of a fruit will be something you begin to crave. Consider rewarding yourself in other ways besides food, like taking a nice long bath, going window-shopping, or for a walk in the park.

life expectancy is increased when you take care of your body and also quality of life. Life is too short to feel tired and uncomfortable all the time. If you take steps now to eat healthier and lose weight, you'll begin to feel the difference very quickly, and you'll be glad you did. Why not start now?

To read more posts by Jackie, check out her blog at Jackie’s Arc!

Happy Birthday, Kid!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter! I am so very blessed to have her in my life. She is smart, funny, kind, patient, and she can stand up for herself or loved ones like nobody's business. She is optimistic. When she found out that she probably couldn't have kids, she didn't let it get her down. She became a foster parent. She was so very sure she was going to get a baby. I of course was cautious and worried. She on the other hand wanted a baby shower and started buying baby stuff. About a month later she got the call about Carson. A baby boy. Then she got the call about a 3 year old adorable boy. That's how we got Javi. Then Javi's mom got pregnant. CPS called and wanted to know if she would take the baby girl. Of course! That's how we got Alivia. Then 4 months later while I was in Vegas for a wedding she got a call from CPS that Carson's mom had gotten pregnant, and would she consider taking that baby girl. She talked it over with her hubs. Alivia was a fussy baby. So I worried about her. I live to far away to help out much. I was really worried about her and if she could handle it. She rose to the occasion and then some. She is a wonderful mother. She has a mother's love for all those children. About a year ago I got a call. Cassie was pregnant! It was truly a miracle. She deserved to have that experience. She treasured every moment of it. She is an inspiring woman. I love her very much, and respect her just as much too.

Weekend was nice. I had Tatum for a sleep over. Swimming and Smurfs. Smurfs was BAD. We both fell asleep. After the movie though, Tatum said good movie GeGe. So mission accomplished. I always try to stuff 5 lbs of fun in a 2 lb bag when I get the kids over night. They go back to their mom exhausted! That's my gift to Mom.

Food was good. I ate well and no binging. I taught in Sunday School yesterday. Then went and saw Mrs H. She called and sounded so lonely. Then came back had dinner and went to bed early. Walked already this morning. I forget just how hot it is. I miss the gym. Just not in the cards right now though, so I will deal.

Planing on a wonderful week. Doing some packing and cleaning. Move out is right around the corner. I can't wait. I weigh yesterday and was still 198.2. I smiled. Hope everyone else's week is wonderful as well. Life sounds kind of boring typing it all down. I kind of like boring.

Keep the mood and the food real..............

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not going to let it get me down!

Well I was positive, but I lost my new weekend job before I ever started. They decided to stick with the woman that works with her now. She speaks Spanish and the woman knows her. I understand. It is hard on Alzheimer patients to have change. I was sad, but I wasn't really excited to travel 80 miles ( at least ) round trip. I was going to have to stay the night Friday with my daughter. Which meant sleeping on an uncomfortable bunk bed. Something else will happen for me. I took that darn resume class, yet I resist writing one. I just am not confident in my skills. Get over it Dana! I need someone to help me. It's always easier with a friend to help you talk yourself up! I know I can easily pass a test now. I just keep hearing about people so much more qualified then me getting passed over for jobs. They scan your resume and if you don't have it just right the computer turns you down. Fight that fear with some faith! Maybe I should have a professional help me. Decisions, decisions! Anyone out there want to help me via the internet??

Didn't eat over it. Put the word out that I need some Friday/Saturday hours. In fact, I cleaned. The fridge and stove. Did some packing as well. Did some laundry and then took some food to the church. We were doing a service project at a Man's Homeless Center.

Rethinking the gym now. I have been thinking I might drop my renter's insurance. That is the exact amount of the gym a month. I have 2 days left. Too sad. I really put in a good workout this yesterday morning! I love going every morning.

I still feel that loosing that job was kind of a blessing in disguise. Oh and by the way. I saw that old fart that fried me in Sept. I walked right up to him and gave him a big hug. He seemed happy to see me. It felt good to be able to do that without feeling resentful. I really did love those old nut jobs. Big Sigh of RELIEF! Forgiveness is for me, not for him. I felt like that was a Tender Mercy from a Loving Heavenly Father.

Have the best day ever!

Keep the mood and the food real

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Weigh In

I weighed this morning and was happy to see 198.4! That is the lowest I have been since April. For all of one week. I haven't been focusing too much on food. Just eating right. I guess the nuts weren't the worse thing ever. I have walked EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am going to do one more month at the gym. I am just starting to enjoy the weights. I am going without some other "luxuries" to pay for the gym. I will be glad when summer is over and I can go back to walking outside and riding my bike. I am going to try and keep the loss and not gain it back. That's been my M.O. for the past year.

My worrying was much better yesterday. I wish I had insurance. I think I would see about getting some hormones. But I don't, so I will have to deal. Prayer and meditation will have to do for now.

I just read on FB that my Gdaughter had her arm jerked out of place. I guess she was standing on the headboard and her sister pushed her off. They call it nursemaid's elbow. She had it before. Poor little thing. It must have happened well after I went to bed, so my daughter didn't call me. It was her 1st day all alone at home with her baby brother . Everyone else went to school. I was thinking I would go out and help my daughter get the kid's ready for school, but it's a 60 miles round trip and I just can't afford the gas, plus I have to work later this morning. I wish we lived closer. There was a cute pic of her on FB that I tried to download but can't find it. She was all smiles watching a movie on the ipad. You'll have to use your imagination. The two sister's are in the pic, the smaller one is the "nursemaid".

Here's to a worry free day!

Keep the mood and the food real................

Side note....I dreamed Tina Fey and I wrote the screenplay for the next Oscar winning movie. It was some kind of animated thing. Better start dress shopping :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't worry. Be happy

It's my Mother's birthday today. I love and miss her a lot. I am sure she would be so proud of all of her posterity. I wish I hadn't taken her for granted while she was still her. Cause I really did. I was wondered if she loved me while she was here, my I know for certain that she did and still does.

I have been freaking out and very fearful over some money stuff that has consumed me over the weekend. I woke up this morning to find that my worries were not based in reality. It seems that I always need to be worrying about something or I don't feel right. There is something very wrong with that. VERY WRONG. I think that this is my dis-eases way of trying to trick me into smoking again. At least I never considered that an option. Still doing very well in that area.

My goal this week is to focus on believing in myself and believing in my faith. To try to be more hopeful and less fearful. I have some really good things coming my way. I am going to put forth positive energy. I am going to believe that no matter what happens He knows me and He loves me. He has a plan for me. I don't have to see the plan to know that it exists.

Food has been fair. I ate lots of nuts. Maybe that's what made me nuts :) I have a fridge full of good things to eat. I bought some of the best cherries of my life. Along with some delicious cantaloupe. Saturday was boring. I was afraid to spend a dime and that went for gas as well. Sunday I thought I was suppose to teach. Was prepared and then remembered, it's the 2nd Sunday that I teach. Again, too many nuts?? Then out to my daughter's for dinner. The kids start school today. Can't wait for her to send me pictures! Other really god news to follow, as soon has I am "allowed" to share it!

So the mantra this week....Don't Worry. Be Happy!

Keep the mood and the food real..............

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At'ta Girl!

I did it! I got my new place and dropped off a very short, but sweet 30 day notice. I kept thinking they would call me and ask a bunch of "why's". Cause that's how they are. But I got nothing! Actually, I think that their daughter is having a very serious surgery today. So I am probably the last thing on their mind. I am keeping the daughter in my prayers today. She is really one very sick young woman. And she just got married.

On another happy note. (not that the daughter being sick is happy) I got another job yesterday as well. At least they told me I start next Friday. It's just a Friday/Saturday job but, it's longer hours and the wage is good. So now I have a job everyday of the week. I made a point to keep my Sundays off. Even the Saturday job doesn't start very early, so I will be able to go to my Gson's football games. This will make my daughter happy. As it does me! The games are out by where the job is.

I stressed myself out over nothing. Shelly was ABSOLUTELY right. So much bigger in my mind then the reality of it. Just the waiting to see for sure about my place, which made me have to wait to pay the rent and turn in the notice, gave me time to really blow it out of proportion.

Heat advisories again today. UGH! I am so ready for summer to be over. Will be doing weights this morning along with a little cardio. I found some new podcasts that I love. It makes the time go by faster. The gym TV only have news news news. With what's been going on in DC this past week, I refuse to watch. It drives me even more insane ( I know, it's a short drive ). Wish they had HGTV.

I am teaching this Sunday. I always loves to teach. I don't so much like the getting up in front of everyone, but I love the study that goes into the prep. I am really proud of myself. I am going to press forward to the next thing. Paying for school. I am really excited to be going to school. Gonna get my learn on.

This evening I am taking my niece driving for the last time. She goes back to Japan early tomorrow morning. I will miss her. I also went food shopping...finally! Cleaned out the fridge too. It's a fresh food start! Thanks for all the pep talks from everyone!

Keep the mood and the food real...........

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stop it already

Note to self....stop worrying and quit being a people pleaser. Just grid up your loins and do what's best for you. Can't believe I am stressing out over writing out a 30 day notice. Stop waiting for the other shoe to fall and BELIEVE that you deserve good things.

Food is better. Walked 2.5 miles. Off to work. Gonna be brave. I can do hard things!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get to Make the Changes to Make My Dreams Come True!

Good Monday Morning! I had a bump in the eating road Saturday and it kind of slid into Sunday as well. I did go to my personal training on Saturday. I asked him to take it easy on me, and he did. No soreness at all. I wasn't expecting that. I have one more to go so I think I will ask him to kick it up a notch. Walked Saturday as well. Did nothing yesterday. Trying to talk myself into going today. I play this little game with myself. I only HAVE to walk 30 mins and I can go as slow as I want. Sometimes I am such a child

I am going to give all my paper work to the property manager this morning. I have worked myself up into a frenzy over this. I know I said the couple had told me that they wanted me to have the new place. But they aren't stupid. I have to show I can afford it. The 2 questions on the app that threw me where of course 1. have you ever been arrested and 2. have you ever been evicted. I have to say yes to both. But I have paper work to show that I have taken care of both things. They eviction was almost 20 years ago. Anyway, the worse part was I "got to" rehash all my past to people. I told both the property manager and the couple and both were ok with everything. So now I just wait and see if my income is enough for them.

It's ok. My past has made me who and what I am today. I wish I would remember and APPRECIATE that fact when I have to re-hash it. I really psyched myself up by Friday. That's the day I told them. I felt so relieved that it was over. For some reason that relieved turn into permission to eat some crap, then before I knew it I was in full binge mode. UGH! Thank goodness I had church, or I would have laid in bed all day yesterday. That's basically what I did Saturday. stupid stupid stupid. over over over. A New Day!

I am sure that my craziness over the weekend can be blamed on Aunt Flo. WTF! Just when I think I am over that part of my life, she shows up again. Probably haven't had one in over 6 months. Anyway, that's my story and I am sticking to it.

I had another family call me about working for them on the weekends. I want to keep my Sunday's off, so we'll see. I meet them on Tuesday. Lots of good things happening. I got the guts and even followed through and I am signed up for classes. Just waiting for financial aide. If I don't get any I will just pay for the computer class myself and hold off on the English class. I was impressed with my English placement score :)

I get to change my energy and be positive and get out there and make all my dreams come true! How about you??

Keep the mood and the food real...............