Friday, August 26, 2011


Man I wore the cutest shoes yesterday to school. They gave me the cutest little blisters you ever did see. I can't hardly walk this morning without it hurting. Needless to say the cute shoes are being donated. I am the oldest person in my English class. Trying to dress like a college aged person is just not worth it. I signed up for a life time fitness class. Which means I will have free rein of the gym at school. I have to get in a 20 minute orientation class. That will happen on Tuesday. I am loving school. I am anxious for the changes that are going to happen so very soon. Usually I freak out. So far no freak.

What is freaking me out is this HEAT. So sick of heat advisories. Do walking today. Blisters kill. Not getting a gkid this weekend either. I need a break from them too. I need to get my house all packed up. I will make it up to them next week. After I am in the new place. The "new place"!! Makes me so excited. Last night my friend from Blanding was in town and they took me out to eat at Red Lobster. I just got a salad and a Shrimp Cocktail. It was good and filling. My friend and I both flaked out on water aerobics. I was exhausted and fell asleep at around 7 pm.

Well that was my Thursday. Boring, just like I like it!

Keep the mood and the food real.................


  1. Blisters kill!
    Boring is the best way to be - for sure!

  2. Sounds like the no freak out is because you are exactly where you should be right now. Glad you love school so much! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. I can sympathize with blisters. I did the breast cancer 3 day in 2006, walked 600 miles in 6 months and had quite few! When they have healed there is a product called moleskin (I think you can buy it in walmart where the foot care products are, if not a sports store), it is wonderful stuff. You just apply it to areas that are prone to blister, it's acts like a second skin, just don't put it on an open blister.
    Hope this helps.


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