Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aren't we marvelous!

Just checking in real quick. I have been super busy the past couple of days. Had my Gkids over last night so my daughter could go get a pedicure. We had a great time. They just keep getting better and better.

Had my therapist appointment yesterday. I am happy with the way things are going. I am feeling less anxious and more in control in where my life is going. I am staying off the scales for now. Food hasn't been perfect. H20 has been awesome. Have really been walking extra far the past couple of morning. Close to 4 miles this morning. Rode my bike into the wind this morning and my legs are feeling it. Feels good.

Over the past few months I have read about all my fellow bloggers struggles and triumphs and some heartache. I am amazed by the strength of the human spirit. Aren't we all MARVELOUS!

Keep the mood and the food real.........Thanks for your examples

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stick with it!

It feels good to put on my big girl pants and get some stuff resolved. Note to self....things don't solve themselves. Feel much better after I spoke with the lawyer and even better after I talk to someone that will prepare the documents for me for less money. I have nothing and the guy yesterday told me to just do it myself. It shouldn't be that hard. So I AM HAPPY.

Why oh why do I do that to myself. Wait, worry, and have constant high anxiety before I will finally do something??? It was that way about losing my weight. The problem didn't solve itself. I needed a plan and then I needed to execute that plan.....TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. I needed to stick with it when it got hard and then I needed to appreciate the weeks that things went well. I just didn't give up. Still trying!

I give up too easy sometimes with somethings. I wish it wasn't like that, but sadly it is. I used to love problem solving. Now I am not as confident as I would like to be. I sell myself short. Why?? Well therein lies the problem......why? Fear? Probably. I need to start asking for more faith. Making decisions that will increase my faith. I need to push past the fear. Faith is like a muscle. You loose it if you don't use it.

This post was mostly for me. If it made sense, great! If not...sorry.

Keep the mood and the food real............stick with it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend recap

Good Monday morning! I had a great weekend. A long walk on Saturday. Then some clothes shopping. Nothing from last year fits me.....nothing! So I had to do it. Even got a new bra. Down one cup size. The girls are disappearing. Oh well. I also attended a community party Saturday afternoon. It was lots of fun. Lots of fruit...yummy pineapple. I also bought some watermelon and it was delish. Even snuck in a nap. Then Saturday night I went out o my daughter's for a BBQ. The weather was perfect this weekend. Sunday was a totally lazy day. Church and a long bike rise. Then I slept the rest of the day on and off. Still feeling kind of foggy, though it is better.

I ate pretty well, alittle too much. Nothing crazy fattening. I find that I always choose the healthy choice, but my portions are the trouble. I have kept the scale in the trunk and don't plan on weighing till Wed. This morning was another long walk. Almost 4 miles. I feel kind of funky, so I just rode to work with my kid. Kind of jittery. Weird.

I have my appointment with an lawyer this afternoon about all my money stuff. It's crazy how long you have to wait to do really do anything. Oh well. Then I am going to get my hair done. I haven't had any color touch ups since before Christmas. UGH! Too long.

Hree's to a great Monday and a better week! Keep the mood and the food real.........

Thursday, April 22, 2010

18 Till I Die

Stayed off the scale this morning and I am feeling great. Rode the bike to work this morning with Bryan Adams' song "18 Till I Die" blasting in my ears. Felt some joy. I felt like a kid. Had my backpack on and I was singing with the music. Felt great! I walked 3.3 miles this morning as well.

Now for food. Better. Much better. Clothes are fitting still. Check. Attitude better. Check. Ready to tackle the day. Drinking plenty of H20. Doing all the right things. That's what matters.

Keep the mood and the food real.....don't act your age!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keep Pressing Forward

Good Morning! Not really much to say. Had my daughter and the kids over for dinner last dunner. BBQ crock pot chicken. Very good! Went to the park after dinner. Ate a chocolate chip cookie and then went to bed early. Up very early and out the door by 5am. Got in alittle over 3 miles this morning. Didn't ride the bike to work. Thought it was suppose to rain. Of course it's sunny with no wind. Perfect to ride a bike. It's not suppose to get above 70 today! NICE.

Got on the scales this morning and will have to post my weigh in Wed weight at 192.2lbs. I am not freaking out, but I do plan on staying off the scales for a while. A full week. I put the scale in the trunk of my son's car. I have been eating right, though not perfect. I don't count anything and have just been trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Like I said....not perfect. I truly don't think this is real weight. That's a 8 lb gain from last week. I haven't eaten that much food. I have really been pushing the H2o thinking it's water, but so far the weight has stayed on. I will not give up. Things will head in the right direction if I just keep doing the right things.

That's it for today. Like I said nothing to exciting. No big plans for tonight. I am feeling less foggy today. So good for me! I really better get to work.

Keep the mood and the food real.....keep pressing forward!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This too shall pass........

You guys are just the sweetest. Thanks for all the motivation. I did ok with food yesterday. Too many strawberries, oh well. I fell asleep fairly early so that cuts down on the night time eating. As planned. Drank a buttload of H20. Rode the bike to and from work yesterday. Got my walk in early again this morning and rode again to work. Probably won't ride home. It's suppose to get up to 90 today. I'll bum a ride home.

I got on the scale this morning and I was up alittle again. I am now back into the 90's WTHell?? I remember that everyone was saying how prednisone puts on alittle weight. I was finished taking it a couple of days ago. Maybe it's still got to get out of my system.

Not freaking out, cause well hell, that never solves anything. My clothes all still fit. I just kind of feel bloating and puffy and kind of in a fog. Ever since last week. Not finding my joy to often. Thinking about the past or the future. Never a good sign. Doing what I need to do for me. I have set some spiritual goals and I am keeping up with those as well. Spending alittle more time in the scriptures. Finding the comfort that I need. I am sure this too will pass. Feeling kind of weepy too. About nothing....UGH!

All in all LIFE IS GOOD. I have lots to be grateful for and I AM! Just typing this makes me feel better. Less "doomsday-ey" That my word.

Keep the mood and the food real...........this too shall ALWAYS does!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogging Malaise

I am in a funk. I am having a hard time staying motivated. My weight has been up and down the past few months. I can't seem to get out of the 180's. I ate poorly this weekend. Not very bad....just poorly and too much. That seems to be my problem, eating too much and eating at night. UGH! I seem to be reverting back to eating in bed. That's where the TV is.... but still. I haven't been drinking my water either. The only thing I can mange is moving everyday. A walk or a bike ride. I still get them in every day.

I haven't been wanting to blog either. I feel like I have blogging malaise. General blah. I know that blogging is the biggest factor in my weight loss success so far. So it makes me nervous to be feeling all this blah.

So what am I going to do about...TODAY?? Well my walking buddy is ready to go again after her 6 weeks post-op from her hysterectomy. I was back to walking out the door at 5 am for my 3 mile walk this morning. We have another friend walking with us. She is in the middle of loosing 100 lbs. She has lost 50 so far. She is motivated. Which gets me motivated. Walked very fast this morning and felt like I got a good work out. Then I decided since it's only suppose to get up to 84 today, I would ride the bike to work. I have filled up my H2O jugs and I am pushing the water. Today I will get back to basics. All the good for me food I want. No white bread and no licorice or tootsie rolls. UGH! Again with those damn thing.

I am having a ball with clothes lately. Making outfits from what I have and trying new styles. Make up too. Now that I don't sweat 24/7 I can wear it. Same thing with my hair. Once you start doing it everyday it becomes easier to do. When I started to loose the weight I would wear the same thing everyday...sweats and no make up. I had no pride in myself. It is different today. I care what I look like. It feels good.

Keep the mood and the food real.....find your style.

Friday, April 16, 2010

what happens in vegas

Good Friday morning. Could not be happier that this week is over. I have my son's car all weekend. He went to Vegas with some buddies he went to high school with. My daughter goes to the doctor's this morning. She thinks she should be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler today. I am excited for her. I have a big church thing I am helping with tomorrow morning. After that I have no clue. I want the boys to spend the night, but we'll see what Saturday brings. Then of course there is church Sunday morning. I am still feeling kind of like crap. Very worn out. I walked my 3 miles this morning but it was work. I made myself get out the door. The scale said 183 this morning. I think yesterday morning was a fluke. I did make me feel good to see a 7 after that ONE.

Here are some more pics from the party. The 1st one is of my son and his new GF. Her name is Mary and she was the one who threw the party. I guess they are in a least that's what his FB page We like her and she seems to adore him.

Next is my Livi Girl. She would not look at the camera. She loves looking at herself, but hates to take the pic. weird, I know.
Staying the the eating theme is my Little Tater Tot. She LOVES to eat. Sometimes she gets so excited when her food arrives she starts She is is the right family!

Here is my buddy Carson. His hair was all spikey cause his "girlfriend" was going to be at the party.
And last but not least is my daughter, one of my best friend's Renee and her daughter Haley. Haley is Carson's GF. At least he think she is. That's why he had to have the hair do.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead of you.

Keep the mood and the food real.................Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how did that happen?

I am not sure why I haven't wanted to post. I have had lots of fun things going on. The only bad thing is the the pednisone made me kind of crazy. No appetite and headaches to make ya want to blow your head off. The up side of all this is the I weigh in at 179.8 lbs. WHAT?? I am not even sure how that happened. Last week's weight was 185.6. So that is a loss of of 5.8 lbs. I got on and off the scales twice. Same thing every time. So another new low this week. I guess not eating a pound of tootsie rolls and licorice really pays off. We will see if it's a sick weight loss or not come next Wed.

We had a surprised 21st Birthday party for my son Saturday night. It was really fun, but he spotted some body's car down the street, so he wasn't "that" surprised. BOOO!

This is me and my 6 year old Gson......such a cute boy!

There's Tracy "faking"
I have more picks but I am just to lazy to upload them now. I will try to update more later.
Keep the mood and the food real..........

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No magic pill~

Boy did I have an interesting day yesterday. I started taking some herbal supplements that a friend sent me. Day 1, great. Day 2 allergic reaction. I was red and welted and itching like crazy. My eyes were so itchy I thought I would have to pop them out to feel better. I took a couple of benedryl. Then I started having a hard time breathing. I was alone at my house so I called a friend and we went to the doctors. I was miserable! I am now taking some predisone. I was kind of freaked out. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I don't know what it was that was in those things, but it wasn't good for Dana. I came home and slept till 5 am. Feeling much better. Still have a tight little cough. Welts, redness and itching are gone.

Moral of this story is never take anything, even and especially over the counter/herbal, without being vigilant. This little episode really scared me. UGH! Not to mention alittle embrassing. When I went to the doc's I couldn't even remember the name of the damn things. It's enfinitea. My friend swears by them. Told me she was losing weight like crazy....hence the reason I tried them. Hoping to see alittle more movement of the scale. STUPID STUPID STUPID! I will just be happy with the way things are going. There really isn't any magic pill! STILL!

I am going to my Gson's little league football game this morning. The rest of the day will be spent making salads for a get together tonight. Then I will go to said get together. More on that tomorrow....with pics I hope!

Have a great Saturday. Keep the mood and the food vigilant

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Having a great day....really! I walked/ran my 3 miles then rode to work today. Felt really good. I am going to get a massage that was a Christmas present. Yep, better late then never. This girl is awesome. Really does a good job. I can't wait. Food has been good. I am cooking lima beans and a ham bone in the crockpot. I hope it turns out ok. I have been craving it since I was sent home with the Easter ham bone.

I am headache free today. 1st day in like 3 days. I have had a full days work and I am kind of tired. Plan on just taking it easy tonight. To bed early, as I was awake at 3:30 am. I knew my good sleep wouldn't last forever.

I am looking for a place to order some elbow length cardigans. Light weight for sure. I want to hide my arms this summer, but don't want to be scorching hot either. Any suggestions?? They have to be reasonably priced. I am still

A nice thing happened yesterday. I saw someone that I haven't seem for quite a while. She was amazed that it was me. She said OMG! You look so different. She was shocked! How did you do it. I told her just eating right and walking and biking. People just don't want to hear that.

I came across an old WW book that had my starting weight at 281. I was shocked. I forgot that at one point I weighed more then I did when I started last year. That puts me at about 96 lbs lost....over the course of like 5 years. I maintained around 260 for along time and started my journey this time at 265. As of this morning I am 185.2 lbs. Unbelievable! I need to post some before and after pics in my sidebar. I've lost 80 since I started alittle over a year ago.

Well my son is here wanting to use the computer. He has a big Bday coming up next week. 21 years old. I am too young to have my baby be 21. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Keep the mood and food real......shock somebody!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a new low...

I hit a new low this morning. I think anyway. For some strange reason I stopped writing down my weights. This morning I was 185.6 lbs. It's lowest number I can remember. I am happy about it. I survived yesterday without overeating. Go ME! I have really been hungry the past few days. Nothing major going on. I am thinking it is hormone driven. I have had a headache again today. GRUMPY me! I was able to lie down for awhile at lunch and seems to have gone away. I am not saying that too loud. Don't want to jinx it.

Hope everyone is having a great HUMP day!

Keep the mood and the food real...........think LOW!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

take pride in YOU!

I could have chewed my arm off yesterday I was so hungry. I tried drinking massive amounts of water. I t kind of helped. My daughter and the kids came last night for dinner and I bought cookies for dessert. Peanut butter cookies. I really don't like them, so I thought I was safe. Guess again. Ate 3.

I could relate to Roxie's post this morning. My binge was not an emotional bender, but an availability thing. I knew the kids would have been just as happy with apples, but I bought the dang cookies anyway. So who where the cookies really for?? Yep, me.

Like Roxie I have decided to not beat myself up and move on. I walked this morning with a new/old walking buddy and it was nice. 3 miles. I didn't ride the bike this morning. It's suppose to be really windy this afternoon. I'd rather not make my knee work so hard. I have planned my meals today. I am going to successful TODAY!

I am really having fun with clothes and make up lately. Used to be I didn't care what I looked like and would come to work in sweats and no grooming AT ALL. I am learning what looks good on me and what doesn't. Also I am learning about my hair and make up. Practice makes perfect. Ok not perfect, but I am trying really hard to look my best. I could never be happy with the way I looked when I was so much heavier. Now I can look in the mirror and think, "I look pretty damn good for a women my age". I can take pride in my appearance now. It feels wonderful! Just another benefit of making good choices for me!

Keep the mood and the food real.........take pride in YOU!

Monday, April 5, 2010

ready for the week~

Had the best Easter yesterday. Spent most of day out with my kids and Gkids. We played outside at the park and watched movies inside. We had an Easter Egg hunt and Easter baskets. We ate. And then we ate some more. My daughter had a delish WW breakfast casserole and then a ham for dinner. I will admit, though I don't really like candy, I did eat some. I do love the malted milk eggs. Luckily my daughter bought just a some amount of candy. She had a fruit pizza for dessert. YUM! Sugar cookie crust and cream cheese and fruit. I only had one piece. I am so stinkin thirsty today! All the salt. I feel swollen as well. Drinking water like mad.

Didn't do any exercising yesterday. This morning I got up and was out the door by 5am for my 3 miler then I rode the bike to work. Knee is feeling good.

I really had a nice weekend. I did get rid of my headache and it didn't return for the rest of weekend. I slept pretty good and I feel rested. I did lots of housekeeping and organizing. Got a spiritual lift from watching General Conference. I feel ready to face the week ahead! How about you??

Keep the mood and the food real.........

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I had a nice day off yesterday. I worked for a while in the morning. Then I came home and cleaned my house. I was feeling kind of sick with a headache. Like a migraine I guess. That hasn't happened for a while. Too much junk food, Dana? Probably so. I ate well yesterday and walked my 3 miles. My daughter dropped the kids off while they went Easter Bunny shopping and I could hardly enjoy them my head hurt so bad. I hate it that happens. Spent lots of time outdoors. It was beautiful.

I will be watching my church's world wide conference this weekend with friends and family. I invite anyone looking for a great Easter message or just a spiritual lift to watch online at The sessions start at 9 am MST and 1 pm MST both Saturday and Sunday.

I hope that everyone has a great Easter. Let's try to remember the real reason for the holiday. I am grateful for my Savior and for his atoning sacrifice for me. He knows me and He loves me.

Keep the mood and the food real.....Happy Easter

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Good Morning! It's my Firday. I didn't remember I had tomorrow off until my son told last night. NICE! I think I will try to get with my friend and go look at wild flowers and go for a nice hike. It was suppose to rain here today, but nothing yet. It is cooler today. I am glad for that. The heat will be here soon enough.

Worked up a good sweat on the treadclimber this morning and it felt good. I doubt I will do anything more then that today. I have been eating way too much. I know that I shouldn't but eating after dinner has been happening too much later. I am not eating anything crazy. It's all healthy, just too much. I don't like the way it makes me feel. Both physically and mentally. Too full and too ashamed of myself. I am trying to remember it's just been a bad week and to give myself a break. My weight is holding steady and I really I am in the best shape of my life. RELAX DANA.

I had a great time last night with the boys at the school thing. It was suppose to be "Reading Under the Stars" but it was really "Playing Under the Stars". Reading the books only took a minute then it was all about playing. We played on the playground equipment and had a great time. I was noticing my 4 year likes to skip. I think you skip when you are happy. That kid must be super happy. It was so cute. He wanted me to skip with him. I haven't skipped in Daughter made WW chili and it was delish. She is feeling lots better and getting use to her "healthier" lifestyle. No caffeine

So far no tricks have been played on me. I am sure my kids will try to get me. I am such a sucker. I fall for it every time. It's all in good fun. I might try to think of a caught ya myself.

keep the mood and the a skipper!