Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a new low...

I hit a new low this morning. I think anyway. For some strange reason I stopped writing down my weights. This morning I was 185.6 lbs. It's lowest number I can remember. I am happy about it. I survived yesterday without overeating. Go ME! I have really been hungry the past few days. Nothing major going on. I am thinking it is hormone driven. I have had a headache again today. GRUMPY me! I was able to lie down for awhile at lunch and seems to have gone away. I am not saying that too loud. Don't want to jinx it.

Hope everyone is having a great HUMP day!

Keep the mood and the food real...........think LOW!


  1. The numbers are going ....going... soon to be gone!
    Go, YOU!

  2. congrats LOSER! :) hehe for once in my life I like when someone calls me I am spreading the luv!

  3. YAHOO!!! It is well deserved. I am so happy for you! Keep up the great work.

  4. Wooohoooo!!!

    And headache stay gone!!!

  5. Yeah for getting to a new low!!!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Fantastic - great job sticking with your new eating habits and lifestyle.

  7. Go Mama!! You now weigh less then me. If that doesn't make you feel good I don't know what will:) HA HA HA HA Just kidding I knew that you have lost more. I told you that you were looking thinner.
    Love ya

  8. **whispers in case yer head isnt better**


  9. Way to go on the new low. I've wanted to eat eat eat the past few days too, I'm going with the hormone thing too (well and maybe the MIL visiting lol). *hugs*


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