Thursday, April 8, 2010


Having a great day....really! I walked/ran my 3 miles then rode to work today. Felt really good. I am going to get a massage that was a Christmas present. Yep, better late then never. This girl is awesome. Really does a good job. I can't wait. Food has been good. I am cooking lima beans and a ham bone in the crockpot. I hope it turns out ok. I have been craving it since I was sent home with the Easter ham bone.

I am headache free today. 1st day in like 3 days. I have had a full days work and I am kind of tired. Plan on just taking it easy tonight. To bed early, as I was awake at 3:30 am. I knew my good sleep wouldn't last forever.

I am looking for a place to order some elbow length cardigans. Light weight for sure. I want to hide my arms this summer, but don't want to be scorching hot either. Any suggestions?? They have to be reasonably priced. I am still

A nice thing happened yesterday. I saw someone that I haven't seem for quite a while. She was amazed that it was me. She said OMG! You look so different. She was shocked! How did you do it. I told her just eating right and walking and biking. People just don't want to hear that.

I came across an old WW book that had my starting weight at 281. I was shocked. I forgot that at one point I weighed more then I did when I started last year. That puts me at about 96 lbs lost....over the course of like 5 years. I maintained around 260 for along time and started my journey this time at 265. As of this morning I am 185.2 lbs. Unbelievable! I need to post some before and after pics in my sidebar. I've lost 80 since I started alittle over a year ago.

Well my son is here wanting to use the computer. He has a big Bday coming up next week. 21 years old. I am too young to have my baby be 21. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Keep the mood and food real......shock somebody!


  1. I'd love to see your before and after pictures!

  2. Well you are a hot mama though!

  3. Your absolutely right people don't want to hear the answer of diet and exercise....they want a magic pill!

  4. Go with the grand total girl! I did that for a long time. I calculated my current weight loss as my figure...but in reality my total loss was much higher. I go by the total number now!!!

  5. Yay for a great day! My youngest will be 21 in August - how is that possible? Looking forward to seeing your before and after pics - and most definitely, start with the highest weight!

  6. You precious cutie-patootie!
    How wonderful is slimming!

    And no - people don't want to hear it
    when you tell them you just eat right/move more.
    I guess we all have fallen for the magic tricks at one time or another...
    ...what she said!

  7. You are doing SO well my friend! :) I am proud of you!!! :) NEW PIC NEW PICS!!! :)

    Last year I got a cute THIN tee shirt material cardigan at Wal-Mart. Check them out!

  8. you KNOW I am longing to say SHOW THE ARMS SISTER. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK? but I shant.
    I am totally going to respect that its what you wanna wear and shout out WALMART!
    dont know if they still have em but they did!


  9. Wow - that is an amazing accomplishment losing all that weight, and still going! I'm with you on the arms - at least if they aren't 3$ lenth sleeves, I wish the above the elbow sleeve was a little longer. Good luck finding them!

  10. I can't stand those headaches that last forever. Glad that's gone.

  11. I'd love to see before and after pics. And don't you live in a place that is insanely hot? It doesn't seem like it would be good for you to go around covering your arms all summer. Why don't you just start doing some strength training on them to tone them up? By the time summer comes around, with the extra weight you've lost by then, and if you've gained muscle, I'm sure they'll look fine.


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