Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogging Malaise

I am in a funk. I am having a hard time staying motivated. My weight has been up and down the past few months. I can't seem to get out of the 180's. I ate poorly this weekend. Not very bad....just poorly and too much. That seems to be my problem, eating too much and eating at night. UGH! I seem to be reverting back to eating in bed. That's where the TV is.... but still. I haven't been drinking my water either. The only thing I can mange is moving everyday. A walk or a bike ride. I still get them in every day.

I haven't been wanting to blog either. I feel like I have blogging malaise. General blah. I know that blogging is the biggest factor in my weight loss success so far. So it makes me nervous to be feeling all this blah.

So what am I going to do about...TODAY?? Well my walking buddy is ready to go again after her 6 weeks post-op from her hysterectomy. I was back to walking out the door at 5 am for my 3 mile walk this morning. We have another friend walking with us. She is in the middle of loosing 100 lbs. She has lost 50 so far. She is motivated. Which gets me motivated. Walked very fast this morning and felt like I got a good work out. Then I decided since it's only suppose to get up to 84 today, I would ride the bike to work. I have filled up my H2O jugs and I am pushing the water. Today I will get back to basics. All the good for me food I want. No white bread and no licorice or tootsie rolls. UGH! Again with those damn thing.

I am having a ball with clothes lately. Making outfits from what I have and trying new styles. Make up too. Now that I don't sweat 24/7 I can wear it. Same thing with my hair. Once you start doing it everyday it becomes easier to do. When I started to loose the weight I would wear the same thing everyday...sweats and no make up. I had no pride in myself. It is different today. I care what I look like. It feels good.

Keep the mood and the food real.....find your style.


  1. Doesn't sound like you are in a funk to me, sounds like you are adjusting to what is now normal for you. The new normal - new weight class, new emphasis on personal appearance - clothes, makeup, hair. Good for you!

    So just to prod you a bit (because I love you) you've got a great start to the day - what are you going to do to combat "the witching hour" - that tv/snacky time?

    Hugs to you and I think you are doing great!

  2. I think you already know what motivates you. From the sound of it you LIKE the new you and that is enough to keep you going. Always surround yourself with people that help you!! Which means US hehe and your walking buddies! :)

  3. The largest factor in your success is you. You determine what you eat daily and what activity you do daily. The blog is just the accountability but YOU are the positive factor in your success. Focus on what you are doing for you. It's not for the blog (which is a tool to help with this journey) but for the future you. Keep at it and keep moving.

  4. Do you need motivation? When I read where you are right now...everything from your current weight to your lack of desire to blog ...etc etc etc, it struck fear in my heart. Why? I lost down to 180 pounds and then lost the mo-jo. I dithered on blogging. I didn't want to eat was much more easy to slip back into habits (eating in front of the tv) that got me fat in the first place. I went back and forth for months. A few pounds up and then a few pounds down. I had a really loose control, but I was controlling it....barely. And then BAMM I lost control. I WAS 180 pounds, having had lost 135 pounds. I am NOW 226 pounds (as of my last weigh in)....out of those 135 pounds, I have to relose 46 pounds! So use me as your NOT fall into the trap that I did!

  5. I know it really helps me to be around motivated people - you just feed off of it and it helps everyone! Glad your walking buddy is back, and that other woman sounds like she will be a great help to you...and you to her.

    Glad you are having fun being a girly-girl - one of the nicer rewards for getting the weight off!

  6. We all have to re-charge now and then. I think figuring out where we are at and looking at what we need to change does indeed put us back in the game!! I know you can do it :)

  7. I'm glad to hear that you care about caring for yourself now, Dana. You're so worth it! <3

  8. Don't think I can add anything new other than what the others have said above. It's hard to keep going and unless you're around "like minded folk" its a challenge. This is why I come to the various blogs and read. It helps and inspires. Just reading how others are roller blading, biking, running and eating healthy and hearing how incredibly happy they are makes me want the same thing.

  9. ahhh the malaise.
    you KNOW I GET IT.
    and have decided to bloglesslivemore in an effort to debunk my funk.


  10. At least you are recognizing all of this now and aren't lying to yourself. You have a great sense of self-awareness! We all go through times (especially during this journey) where we don't feel "all-theway-in".

    Good luck! I know you'll do fantastic! :)

  11. a little late but chiming in none the less.

    cheering you onward and MAINLY and MOSTLY in the fact you love yourself.
    When we reach that place anything and everything is possible (including peeing out lottsa water weight :))



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