Tuesday, April 6, 2010

take pride in YOU!

I could have chewed my arm off yesterday I was so hungry. I tried drinking massive amounts of water. I t kind of helped. My daughter and the kids came last night for dinner and I bought cookies for dessert. Peanut butter cookies. I really don't like them, so I thought I was safe. Guess again. Ate 3.

I could relate to Roxie's post this morning. My binge was not an emotional bender, but an availability thing. I knew the kids would have been just as happy with apples, but I bought the dang cookies anyway. So who where the cookies really for?? Yep, me.

Like Roxie I have decided to not beat myself up and move on. I walked this morning with a new/old walking buddy and it was nice. 3 miles. I didn't ride the bike this morning. It's suppose to be really windy this afternoon. I'd rather not make my knee work so hard. I have planned my meals today. I am going to successful TODAY!

I am really having fun with clothes and make up lately. Used to be I didn't care what I looked like and would come to work in sweats and no grooming AT ALL. I am learning what looks good on me and what doesn't. Also I am learning about my hair and make up. Practice makes perfect. Ok not perfect, but I am trying really hard to look my best. I could never be happy with the way I looked when I was so much heavier. Now I can look in the mirror and think, "I look pretty damn good for a women my age". I can take pride in my appearance now. It feels wonderful! Just another benefit of making good choices for me!

Keep the mood and the food real.........take pride in YOU!


  1. You do look "damn" good for a woman your age! I have found that as I am getting older that I am not going to use that as an excuse to not take care of mysself. I know that when I take care of myself I feel so much better on the inside too.

  2. Glad you are having fun with make up and clothes - it is cool to enjoy your appearance!

  3. Good morning Sunshine!

    Glad we are both having a better (and cookie-free day).

    Taking care with my appearance is one of the ways that allows good to be reflected back to me - if that makes any sense. I feel better/different and my attitude is different and better and I get better and different reflected back to me - not in the form of compliments, but in the form of openness and friendliness. I have no need to hide and others don't hide from me.

    Anyways, have a wonderful day, dear friend.

  4. You are HOT and it feels good to do the Make Up again :) I agree with Roxie - looking good, makes me feel good, and it is noticeable in everything I do - how I even walk.
    No beating up over Easter in my parts either. When getting together the Easter hunt bags for the Middle little man - I admit those peanut butter filled thingy's got unwrapped and into my mouth... but only a few. It's over... it's done.
    Still thinking about my hair.... just not sure how brave I am to get it very short at first :)

  5. You do look wonderful Dana, I am always looking at your new picture thinking how pretty you are and how happy you look *hugs*.

  6. I love your outlook. You do look good.

  7. Don't you find that when you have eaten crap carbs, like candy or cookies, that you want more more more? And that you are more hungry for days after eating them? That could be why you are so hungry.

    Thank you for your prayers for the trial. Yes, I will be so relieved to have it over, but more so if the outcome is justice for the family.
    Eye for an eye.

    I too find the closer I get to my goal weight, the more I like to dress up and look my best. But just remember...You are beautiful without makeup! :)

  8. oh man i love peanut butter cookies...

    babes, i am still at that fat stage where i think it doesn't make any difference if i do my hair or wear nice clothes. it sucks. but great for you girl. <3 im glad you feel wonderful :D

  9. I love that you said you will just "move on". when i had an eating disorder my life seemed to be one step forward, one step back, every day just feeling like i had to undo anything i wasn't proud of from the day before. the lack of progression, i realize now, just made me more depressed and probably lead to more binges!
    And aren't clothes and make up fun?! It's not necessarily about vanity but...making up your own individual image. Being, and looking ONLY how YOU could look on this planet, and being aware of it. Why not enjoy the body we're given? No one else has it!

  10. You gave me something to think about Dana thank you, taking pride still comes hard to me. but I am getting there. You are looking and sounding so good:o)

  11. Great post! Yay to you for accepting your mistake (gettin ghte cookies in the first place) and moving on!!!

    Love love love that you are taking pride in yourself!!!!

  12. The way you take care of your appearance is a huge indicator of how good you feel about yourself. Glad you're finally proud!


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