Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stick with it!

It feels good to put on my big girl pants and get some stuff resolved. Note to self....things don't solve themselves. Feel much better after I spoke with the lawyer and even better after I talk to someone that will prepare the documents for me for less money. I have nothing and the guy yesterday told me to just do it myself. It shouldn't be that hard. So I AM HAPPY.

Why oh why do I do that to myself. Wait, worry, and have constant high anxiety before I will finally do something??? It was that way about losing my weight. The problem didn't solve itself. I needed a plan and then I needed to execute that plan.....TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. I needed to stick with it when it got hard and then I needed to appreciate the weeks that things went well. I just didn't give up. Still trying!

I give up too easy sometimes with somethings. I wish it wasn't like that, but sadly it is. I used to love problem solving. Now I am not as confident as I would like to be. I sell myself short. Why?? Well therein lies the problem......why? Fear? Probably. I need to start asking for more faith. Making decisions that will increase my faith. I need to push past the fear. Faith is like a muscle. You loose it if you don't use it.

This post was mostly for me. If it made sense, great! If not...sorry.

Keep the mood and the food real............stick with it!


  1. That's exactly what i did! I was so stressed i was close to a breakdown. After figuring what to do it was like a major weight off of my shoulders. The best decision i ever made.

  2. I find that I am so persistent about some things. And I love problem solving also. BUT if it's about me, the story is different. I give up on myself so many times.....and my problems I dont' do the problem solving on. It's crazy!

  3. I am the same way too. I wait and worry WAY too much!

  4. I am like that too, action woman fro anyone else, but for me, nooooooo..
    We need a convention!!!

  5. I understood (deeply) every word you wrote. I hope you get the peace you so richly deserve.

    Hugs to you.

  6. I avoid confrontation and anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. The thing is, not only do I cheat myself out of something I wanted, the problem ends up piling up to the point of overwhelm.


    Glad you did what you needed to do!! Things will get better! :)


  7. I'm the same way with a lot of things. It does seem to always go back to fear too. Hopefully with time we will just have more faith. Here's to a good week for both of us.

  8. Happened to wonder over here from another blog and thought I would check things out. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

    If you get a chance swing by my blog and say hello.

  9. I don't want to get too much in your business here, but in the first part of your post, are you talking about filing for bankruptcy? I assume you are, and it sounded to me like you're going to be filing yourself once someone gives you the documents. If that's the case, my advice is don't do it. Get yourself a lawyer. I used to work in a bankruptcy law firm and I saw so many clients come to the office that had been screwed over because they tried doing it themselves. I'm sure you're very competent and everything, it's just really easy for people to get a lot taken away from them if they don't go through a lawyer. Anyway, sorry if you didn't want the unsolicited advice or if that's not even what you were talking about. Just trying to help. :)

  10. The balance, the fine line....
    Walking on a liquid edge of a slippery slope...
    Cliches, until they become true!
    Don't forget to rest, and count your blessings,
    *so to speak*


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