Thursday, April 22, 2010

18 Till I Die

Stayed off the scale this morning and I am feeling great. Rode the bike to work this morning with Bryan Adams' song "18 Till I Die" blasting in my ears. Felt some joy. I felt like a kid. Had my backpack on and I was singing with the music. Felt great! I walked 3.3 miles this morning as well.

Now for food. Better. Much better. Clothes are fitting still. Check. Attitude better. Check. Ready to tackle the day. Drinking plenty of H20. Doing all the right things. That's what matters.

Keep the mood and the food real.....don't act your age!


  1. I am all for not acting my age! Happy Thursday to you!!

    p.s. Can you beleive this crazy AZ weather?!?

  2. There's nothing better than feeling like a kid :)

  3. The right song just really does say it all! You had the perfect one!

  4. You crack me up, but I do the same thing with being surprised that my clothes still fit - I guess we are so used to them getting too tight that it's weird to continue fitting into them!

    Happy day, Dana!

  5. Bryan Adams does it for me EVERYTIME!!!

    Hang on to that Joy xxxx

  6. Good for you!!

    I'm going to be 16 till I die though. That was better.

  7. I turned old overnight once.
    Never got over it.

  8. 我們唯一需要恐懼的事,是恐懼本身........................................


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