Saturday, August 27, 2011

Riding the storm out

I am posting to keep from walking. Those dang blisters are still a pain. I need to just double up on bandaids and bite the bullet and JUST DO IT! I took a weekend off from kids. I am planning on packing up as much of the rest of the house as possible. I definitely will have the keys on the 1st. I need to go get some cleaning stuff to get this place cleaned before I give the keys back. I am hoping that a big bunch of men from my church sign up to help me move. They usually do. If I can get the move in before the holiday week end, I am sure I will. I am getting very excited.

I asked the kids to buy me some new bedding for my Bday. I want to room to totally different. I want it to be just a lovely place. That's were I spend most of my time. I sent my daughter so many emails of "suggestions" she thought she was being spammed by Kohls. :) I was bored on evening and my back hurt, sue me.

There is something wrong with my Ipod. I can't get it to hold onto any of my music. UGH! I can't do any buying of anything, really, until I have moved in. I makes moving, walking, riding in cars, well just life in general sucky. But I have the strength to carry on. Inspiring aren't I?

Anywoo, I enrolled in the gym class at school. Which gives me a gym membership there at the school. A very good decision. It's a little far away, but it will work. Besides I will be there anyway. I am so sick of walking in the heat.

Well That's it for this end. Guess I best get busy. If you live on the east coast please take care. I am so glad I have a 72 hour kit. Being prepared is a great way to feel. I pray that it's not as bad as they say and that the storm does not live up to the hype.

Keep the mood and the food real.............


  1. Gym class hero!
    Have a great weekend, F McB!

  2. I'm hoping it's not as bad as they say either. So far we have some leaking going on (typical of our roof) but everything else seems to be ok and we still have power at the moment.

    Glad to hear you joined the gym.

    Not sure why I've never mentioned running socks to you. You can find the cheaper kind at walmart in a pack of 3 for less than $10 or if you want the extra good ones they are about $10 a pair, they are a life saver. Even with all the walking we do with the running sock neither Mike or I have ever had a blister. Definitely worth the investment.

    Hope you get lots of help with moving.

  3. I HATE getting blisters. Totally takes the fun out of walking or running. LOL

    Great job on joining the gym at school. Have fun with it :)

  4. I have trouble with blisters sometime but with me its shoe size.... I wear a 10 1/2 I KNOW big feet but most walking/running shoes only come in whole sizes when you get that big like 10 or 11 so always end up with them a little big and if go loooong distances it can wear a make sure your shoes fit not too big nor too wide that can be trouble too.....

    If it makes you feel any better about moving i can at least commiserate...hubby and i just spent all day today in helping daughter move out of her THIRD floor apartment with no elevator. Girlfriend i'am soooo dead i'm lucky i can see straight to type this......!

  5. I got a bunch of blisters yesterday from my swim fins. Stupid things.

    I would love to do something different with our room. Seems it's always the last room in the house that gets changed. Maybe I will work on this. Good luck with your move!


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