Monday, August 15, 2011

Jackie's Arc (guest post)

I also wanted to share a new blogger with you. Jackie @ Jackie's Arc. She asked to guest post and I readily agreed. Her blog is upbeat and very informative. Make sure you follow her! Now here's...........Jackie!

Losing Weight Is Never Easy

By: Jackie Clark

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could lose weight just as quickly as we can pack it on? Unfortunately, losing weight is notoriously difficult, and many people give up before they are able to lose the necessary amount of weight. Other common pitfalls are eating too many calories after a work-out, or becoming just another weekend warrior. Furthermore, there are important ways to help you lose weight consistently.

It's important to consume enough calories when you are trying to lose weight, especially when you have a rare condition such as
mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure. Eating too little will actually program your body into "starvation mode", so that it holds onto calories. This is why many women who are thin when they are younger often gain so much weight when they're older--all too often, as young women they were not eating enough. When they started eating normally their bodies filled out more than the women who had always eaten healthfully. So make sure to consume the right amount of calories—you can find calorie counters online to tailor this number to your body type and energy level.

Additionally, it's very important to consume healthy, "clean" foods for the vast majority of those calories. A snickers bar may have the exact amount of calories as a whole plate of sautéed vegetables, but the snickers bar is a different kind of energy. Not only will a sugar spike actually cause your energy to drop, it will make you feel hungrier more quickly. That plate of vegetables is filling, and has lots of fiber and vitamins to make your body strong and healthy. Healthy people have much an easier time going through chemotherapy and other intensive treatments, too, so do your body a big favor and eat as healthfully as you can. Many believe to mention just how helpful
a healthy diet can be while you are combating mesothelioma.

It can take time to adjust to eating healthier foods, but within several weeks your palate will adjust, and the sweetness of a fruit will be something you begin to crave. Consider rewarding yourself in other ways besides food, like taking a nice long bath, going window-shopping, or for a walk in the park.

life expectancy is increased when you take care of your body and also quality of life. Life is too short to feel tired and uncomfortable all the time. If you take steps now to eat healthier and lose weight, you'll begin to feel the difference very quickly, and you'll be glad you did. Why not start now?

To read more posts by Jackie, check out her blog at Jackie’s Arc!

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