Saturday, July 30, 2011

stop eating

Dana....STOP EATING! Throw the rest of this binge in the trash. Do it now.

Message received now follow through. Hell I will eat in good times and bad. Deal with your feelings don't eat them.


  1. Hope today is a better one, food-wise. :)

  2. Yep. It was a long journey for me to learn that bingeing only temporarily gave me the euphoria/the feel-good moments to deal with stress/pain/depression. Then I felt WORSE. not worth it.

    Curtail it. Kill it. Find the alternative to the binge (the "other" stress/depression tactic). You'll win. The binge will lose.

    I've been beinge-free for more than a year. Yep. Binge gonna bite the dust. Kill it girl! Feel the feelings without food and find the way through and can!

  3. Augh binges are horrible! So sorry! I hope you get this turned around quickly!! You can so do it!!

    Stay focused!!!


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