Friday, September 9, 2011

Haapy Birthday to ME!

It was a great Bday. I went to class in the morning. First computer class. Holy Hell!! I was so lost. I felt so lost and frustrated and stressed out. I know that I went into being fearful, but WOW !! Computers kind of scare me. I know that I can do it. It will get easier, but I wanted to cry. I need to sit next to some young kid that will help me. I need one on one.

Then it was off to Scottsdale to work for Mrs H. I thought we were going shopping and out to lunch, but her daughter was there, so it was hard labor for me. It wasn't bad and I only stayed a couple of hours. Then it was home to take it easy. I am telling you, that TV was the best money I've spent in the while. I know that it's a huge waste of time, but I do enjoy it. Still no more unpacking. I am not going to worry about it. When I feel like it, it will happen. I just don't have it in me. I am spent both mentally and physically. When big change is involved, even this wonderful change, I kind of shut down. Besides, I haven't felt well and between school, work, and family, well I just need more time.

I wore my size 14s yesterday. Haven't bee able to fit comfortably into those pants in over a year, I was unable to find my scales yet, so no weigh in. Besides, why ruin the good I feel thinner though. I haven't walked all week. It has been a long time since that has happened. I will find my mojo again. It's not unpacked either :) Having so much to do has really curbed my eating overall.

I was over whelmed by all my Bday wishes on FB and here on my blog. I really do have lots of really great people in my life!! Some of my greatest friends are of the cyber variety. I feel the love and all that great energy that came my way.

I think the Kings, the couple I take care of, are getting pressure to put the hubs in a home. He is getting harder for her to take of on a daily basis. He is getting aggressive. I might be loosing my job. I feel weirdly not freaked out. I am not used to not worrying. I am sure it will hit me, though. Maybe not, maybe I will feel peace and trust. It could happen!

Well better wrap this up and get in the shower. I am going out to have breakfast with the Gboys for Gparent day at the school. I am kind of excited. My 5 year Gson doesn't know. It's a surprise. We went out to dinner last night and had a quick fun time. The oldest Gson gets his one on one with GeGe this weekend. I think we are going to see Spy Kids. Then swimming. Then I am going to church on Sunday with them. The 5 year is giving his 1st talk in Sunday School. I love my church. Everyone have a great weekend.

Keep the mood and food real...........


  1. Well Happy Birthday!!!! Where the heck have I been? lol Sorry I'm late (my usual state of affairs). I think sitting next to a young kid is a good plan :) they love feeling smarter than older folks lol. Hope you have a wonderful time with the kids. As for the unpacking you'll do it when you're ready. Glad you're feeling thin :)

  2. Why ruin the good feeling indeed! Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy birhtday...even if I am a bit late.

  4. Love that you fit into your size 14's and aren't even wanting to jump on the scale! You seem so content, Dana, even with all the new things going on. That's so nice to see. :)

  5. missed it but here now :)

    HAPPPPPPPPY Belated.



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