Thursday, September 15, 2011

Out the Door

So I walked 3 miles yesterday morning. Plan on getting 2 miles in before school. I am taking the typing class. UGH! I suck. I can't, not look at the screen. I just keep practicing. And practicing. I am not giving up just yet.

My weight is up a little but that was no surprise. Yesterday Mrs. King was talking care center again for her hubs. Making me nervous, but not freaked. Got my hairs cut. Didn't have the creepy experience that Roxie did :) It is short though. Kind of glad that it is.

Well I guess I didn't have that much to say. Need to get out the door. Hope every one is having a great week.

Keep the mood and the food real................


  1. Got my three miles in yesterday too. Woohoo for us!! I learned to type without looking in highschool. Its probably one of the hardest , best things i ever did for myself. I guess i can go about 35 - 40 words per min without looking with only a few mistakes. Even now when i CAN look at the keys i don't . I don't want to fall back in the habit of looking at the keys.

    Its hard , i won't kid you, when your first learning its hard but its something i think you'll be glad you stuck it out. Its a good skill to have both personally and professionally. I know you can do it. You learn real quick where that back space button is. LOL! That little pinky gets a lot of work. Hang in there girlfriend. Hugs! deb

  2. I tried to find an email for you but no luck. Try memorizing the homerow keys first. Just repetive know type ggggggg then hhhhhhh etc......Do you have a lesson plan your following?? Hang in there girlfriend.....Rome wasn't built in a day. LOL!

  3. You'll get the keyboard/typing thing. I promise you. Practice makes perfect!

    Great job on the walking!!!!

  4. What I wanna know is how did you ever get out of junior high school without learning how to touch-type? I think it was mandatory for us - they had the keys painted over with White Out, and we had to look straight ahead at the giant keyboard on the blackboard if we needed to know where the keys were. Keep your hands on the home keys and you'll get it, although I never got the numbers down completely.


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