Friday, January 30, 2009

More on a Friday

I have written alot today. My knee has been killing me and it hurt my chest and made me short of breath. I haven't binged today. I did what I wanted but I feel better. I didn't walk either. I still might....we'll see. I did wait till I was hungry at noon today. I just got home from work, very sleepy. Did not take any pain pills today. So that is good. I feel like I am doing more. I have felt better since I started my new organic hormone medication. It is only the 3rd day, but it does feel better. I do not have the overpowering need to stab myself this morning, my sweating is down too. I will continue my researcch for one month. I am thinking of differant things to take to the office in the morning. I need to buy some jellos, eggs, stuff I can eat quick when I feel hungry. I want to at least try the Southbeach Diet for 2 weeks, just to see how it goes.

Getting dressed and accomplishing things is what I have enjoyed most about this week. I have been so depressed. In such a fog.

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