Friday, January 30, 2009

The weigh in

I went to my daughter's last night and weighed in....265 lbs. And I am 5' 5". Not so good for me. That is all the weight that I lost last year. I was sad, but I felt pretty positive, I do have a plan in place. I will start the Southbeach diet on Monday. I walked twice yesterday, went to Costco, walked around some more there. I suffered last night. The cyst in my knee is back. I DID NOT TAKE ANY PILLS YESTERDAY. NONE. I slept pretty good, still woke up sweaty. Today will be a good day, no matter what. I have a funeral that I think I will be atttending this morning, my sweet old lady friend at lunch, and who knows where tonight will lead me. I hope I get a old person sitting job over the weekend, but will see.

At some point I will have to get into the feelings part of all this, right now I just want enjoy the morning. I have ben reading and she said one of the best things she does, is to get up and get dressed everyday. So I have done that, which is huge! I can go to work looking like crap, I work alone. I felt it. I got alot done yesterday. Just that small change. Small choices lead to big changes.............carry on Fatty

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