Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad weekend

I had a horrible weekend. Ate crap all weekend, till I couldn't move again. Spent most of the weekend in bed. Though I did make to sit for my daughter and to church yesterday, just for 1 hour. But I did keep up with showering everyday and getting dressed. I was in a crap mood, wallowed, and was not a happy person. I could barely stand myself. My knee really did start killing this weekend. I did take a couple of pills, which really didn't do anything. So that is another thing that has stopped working for me. The food doesn't work anymore either. I feel like crap most of the time. One week of feeling good, and now I am back to foggy. It was good while it lasted. I can get it again. I really wish this knee didn't hurt. I took good health for granted. I am suppose to go to breakfast this morning, I don't know now. She called last night, but I was already asleep. I am back to the beginning. I don't know now if the carb diet is the one for me or not. It seemed good the 1st week, then I was wanting a donut.......I don't even like donuts. I am going to move and drink water today. I will ty to stay low carb. I gotta get some resolve back. This is the point when I say forget it, this isn't going to woek for me. I can't it's too hard, I can't keep it going for ever....blah blah blah. I am hitting my knees, asking for help, and then I WILL do my best to have a good day.

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  1. low carb is seems all it takes is a couple bites and all hell breaks lose. It's best to allow some healthy carbs in oatmeal at breakfast, a half sandwich on whole wheat........

    eat lots of veggies, lean meats, light on the carbs, good healthy fats and lots of water. You should lose weight :)


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