Wednesday, February 18, 2009

be good to yourself

Well, I had a bad eating day.....but not horrible. I did however get lots of stuff done and I fell asleep later. However, I did still wake up at 3 am with a headache. I didn't walk yesterday, my knee just hurt to bad. I am going to get another appointment, with a differant doctor. I will try to walk again today. It is feeling alittle better. I am sleeping really well with no sleeping pills. I am so glad.

You know since I started this blog a mere 3 weeks ago I really have felt better. I was thinking this morning while I was putting cream on face....that, well that a month ago I would not have done that. I thought how just that one simple thing, something that other women do just automatic, is a loving gesture that I stopped giving myself. I stopped giving a shit about how I looked after I gained back the 50 lbs I lost. And that was about a year ago. I started with the heavy perspiration thing then too. I have quit wearing any make up, because I will just sweat and it will run down my face. They tell me I am not in menopause, but I don't have a regular period, and haven't for the last year. So why is that.....well that will cost more money to figure that out. Those Biohormones, or what ever they are, that is expensive too. I am really just doing the best I can with what I've got. I need to cut myself some slack and be grateful for the positive changes. Both inside and outside. I am so much happier then a month ago. I have been reading so many good blogs the past couple of days. They inspire me and let me know I am not unique. Today will be a good day!


  1. so glad you are feeling better. It is amazing how taking care of yourself in one area just dominoes into all areas! I'm with you on the face cream. My morning and night ritual of face cleansing and moisturizing just does something to me. I feel kind of pure and organic........weird, I know!! I usually follow both with a mug of green tea too :) and soak up the whole "me" experience!

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I do think pampering ourselves a little and making ourselves feel attractive really helps a lot. Glad to hear blogging is helping too. I need to type that for myself "today will be a good day". I'm going to work towards that.

  3. You may be in "peri-menopause," which is a precursor to menopause. There are all sorts of natural products to help with that. I personally opted for regular old hormone replacement therapy (estradiol), and it has made a big difference in my hot flashes and my general mood. No point in being miserable.


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