Saturday, February 14, 2009

the binge #1

this will be good, I will keep track of the binges and see if I can learn something from them. Well #1 Don't keep bread in the house. Cause I ended up up eating like 6 slices of bread. This was literally the only carb in the entire house. It started at work, i just couldn't get enough food. Then I ate just because, well Imight not get to eat a carb for awhile. I binged on the low carb stuff the most, the bread was just the nail in it. 3 peices before I fell into a carb coma. Literally a coma. I fell asleep at 4 pm and slept with just a brief interruption till 7:30 AM. I didn't do anything besides eat and sleep. It was a bitch trying to get out of bed this morning. Like I am hangover, but I'm not. Ok, new day day. New choices. I am going to go for a walk before I go to a viewing, then My Old Lady Friend. then out to Cassie's to babysit. What about food. Well, omlette this morning, scallops for lunch with veg, then dinner, maybe chicken. well see. I could tell a differnce form the week that I had NO CARB breakfast I did better during the day. So non of that Ricotta cheese crap for breakfast, or sugar free jello with the sugar free whipped cream, is this stuff even allow on induction? Anyway, what tiggered the binge, lack of resolve. I acould feel it coming. Wasn't doing things.....reading too much about things, and doing little. I love the blogs, but I really do spend alot of time on this computer now. Between this and FB. Then TV. My dear friend Mr. Set. He'll probably be my date for Valentine's. Just like every hoilday. I do hate that. I don't mind not having a love life, it's just that I really am alone. alot. Plus I am alone alot at work too. ALOT. Maybe I'm not as good pf company as I think I am. Well duh?? Fatty, you need to be out there, going to meetings...# 1 thing. Plus, I need a list of things to do. Besides eat. That is my goal for today. Stick to the PROGRAM...Drink lots of water ( I did do good there yesterday ) and make a list ( to post in home ) of things to do besdies eat. I will stick it right to the fridge. Ok enough of the this.....time to get moving.


  1. get involved in some clubs so you have more people contact :)

    I had a binge of sorts yesterday involving my homemade pumpkin choc chip muffins :)

    But today in a new day .......back on track ;)

    Happy heart day!

  2. thank you so much for your kind words, they really "do a body good". Happy Heart Day to you too.


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