Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cardinals lost

Very sad that Cardinals came to close to winning, but no go. It was a great game, very close to the very second. I went to church, and even wanted to be there again. I then rode to Cassie's watched the 1st half, then went to a work friend's house where Tracy was till the end of the game. I ate so very little today. I swear that not eating carbs was easy today. I must say I ate very little, and stuck right to the diet. I really think not eating carbs is making me less hungry. I am still feeling good, OHT continues......feeling lots better emotionally too. I can't believe that I have gotten off my butt, walked, followed a food program. I didn't over sleep. I didn't overeat today. I didn't go right to bed at 4 pm. This OHT is very good for keeping me motivated to get out of house. I must say That it's been such along time since I have felt this good. I hope it stays with me for awhile. I am probably Lieing to myself about how much to credit the OHT for my good mood. Working for now will adddress it later. I just want to start geting in the habit of a few things......better all areas of my life.

I feel so positive with myself just in the small changes I have made already. Tomorrow I am going to walk at work, 1st thing. My knee is still tender, but I can still walk. Maybe if I can take off a few lbs quick with phase I, and keep walking my knee will feel better. Start making those small decisions that will bring about the good big changes.

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