Thursday, February 12, 2009

day 11....or something like that ( good news )

Well Good Morning....I didn't weigh yeatersday. Couldn't find decent scales. I don't own a scale. Better that way I have decided. But this morning I went to see what I was going to wear this morning..actually looking forward to getting dressed ( cut to just 2 weeks ago, still an absolute miracle) and I decided to try on some jeans from last year, and they fix....nicely! I couldn't believe it. They were probably too big from my thinnest last year, but who the hell cares. This like doubles my small wardrobe. I am down at least a size just in the first 2 weeks. This more then meets my expectations. I feel great, but I still don't think I want to get on the scales and maybe be disappointed. I will probably weigh at my daughters tonight, though. What do you guys think? No bread, pasta, potatoes and no sugar ( that I know about ) for almost 2 weeks. I don't miss it. I have urges, but just thought no, Fatty give it another 10 mins. Try not to be impulsive, think it through to the end. I am going to enjoy this feeling right now. My mojo is working hard today. I feel positive and like I might be able to trust meself again. Just keep making the choices that are the MOST loving for me. ( good, better, best )

In other good news. My knee feels better, lots better. My stairs weren't even that bad this morning, and morning is the worse. I keep forgetting to buy eggs. So no omlette this morning. I was sick again this morning after that new pill. I have to remember to eat something with it. I have my book club tonight, A Tree Grows In Broolyn. Who doesn't love that book! Probably babysit for Cassie this afternoon. Busy day. I reminded myself that this was a good news day. When I am feling like crap I can come back and look at this day, and convince myself it never lasts forever........everyone have agood day.

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  1. I would weigh yourself once a week if possible. It's such great may have lost 10 lbs!!


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