Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 8....

Well I have done pretty good with my food today. Everything low carb. I didn't walk yet. I have anppointment with the doctor for my knee tomorrow. I hope it's just a sore muscle, that would be great. I am not going to ask for any pain pills. I know my knee hurts, but seriously Fatty, do you really need them. Sometimes I am sure that I have blown the ache up, to justify the meds.

I really have done well with my food was good. I never did walk, it was raining and my knee kills, I am waiting for my doctor's appoinment to make sure it's ok. I fell asleep quite early, so I am up at 3 AM. Nuts I know. I am much better food wise in the morning then at night, so here I am.

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  1. Well I am a pharmacist (housewife for the moment) but i suggest some motrin for your knee and take it every 4 hours. try that for 48 hours and if the pain doesn't subside then you may want to talk to your doctor. it may just be inflammation and motrin relieves inflammation. good job with ur food and get some rest:)!


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