Saturday, February 21, 2009

Early Saturday

Yesterday went very well. I didn't over do it. I walked for 20 mins on the treadclimber at work, and my knee seems to be ok. It was really swollen last night. My ankle that is. I went to see Taken last night with a woman and her mother last night. It was great fun. Her mother is like 82 and is so funny. I think her daughter was about ready to strangle her. I can laugh at it, cause I don't have to live with it. I hope I am that kind of old lady, kind of crazy. Then we went to dinner and I found out that her and her hubby and her daughter are going to Weight Watchers. The same over 50 lbs meeting that I need to go to. So Monday night I'm going to start going with them. Yippy!!!!!!!! This will be good for me. They are a fun family. Anyway, they are in my church with me, and I think of this as a tender mercy from the Lord. I have been hoping someone around me would help me..not that so much I guess, cause I do have great friends and family, but maybe someone that is working real hard on weight loss. Someone who will help me be accountable. Then here comes my friend to answer my prayers. He loves me!

Anyway............I ate real good last night too. Nice and healthy. I am really going to do my best and stay on the right track, don't go crazy over board this weekend "cause the diet starts Monday". I am going to do the treadclimber both days. I downloaded 2 "CLOSER" episodes on my ipod. That will keep me entertained on the damn thing. I just hope my knee holds up. Check in later.........have a great weekend


  1. so glad you found someone to work with you and support you as you get closer to your goal! I think the WW meetings with friends will be so great for you!! I bet your social life will just keep taking off from here ;)

    Have a beautiful Saturday!

  2. Congrats on finding a local WW friend. I know that when I attended meetings it was easier to stay OP when I had someone to go with. More accountability.

    I was reading some of your previous posts & you said something about putting lotion on. That it had fallen out of habit. One of my goals for this year was to floss every day, brush twice a day. Simply huh? But it seemed so hard to accomplish before I made it a goal.

    Funny how the simplest things seem sooooo hard.

  3. HI there!
    Thank you for following my blog! So nice to meet you! I LOVE the name of your blog! Cute! Well girl it sounds like you got a plan! And a network of support. All good and necessary! Please, please don't hurt yourself (knee). Realize that doing a little less and remaining injury free is better than killing yourself and being on the sideling not burning calories while you heal. So be cool. Its all good. It'll happen. Promise!Take baby steps, make new habits. One rule i had was not doing something if i couldn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Otherwise your just gonna burn your self out and fall off the wagon. Think the turtle and not the hare! Have an awesome week girl! Jinx!


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