Thursday, February 12, 2009

i shouldn't have

Got on a scale at My friend's house, it's not digital like the scale I weighed on before, but IT had the nerve to tell me I had gained weight. Now, yes I know that I shouldn't freak out. I felt so good this morning about fitting in my last year jeans, andt now I am just sick to think that I might have gained, in my 2nd week, of ATKINS. Maybe I am not doing it right. I went to Chipotele's and ordered a chicken salad with no beans or rice. Except I did get just a wee bit of corn salsa. Even on it told me that was 22 carbs, after I had ate it. I only had just alittle, but still. I am not going to freak out, next time I go to Cassie's I will weigh. Those are the scales I weighed on last time. Fatty.....remember this is not just about weight. I have been much happier, calmer and hopeful. Just the small changes I have been making are making a difference in me emotionally for sure. Keep positive.....don't beat yourself up. Fatty, put down the bat, and step away from the bat. No Cassie's after work, she found someone closer to her to sit. So I guess I will go for a walk then to the library. It is beautiful day, it will be DAMN HOT too soon. I am going to scan for low carb bloggers.....

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  1. For me weigh in is a ritual..........

    Always the same day and at the same time. I try to wait until after I have went to the bathroom in the morning and before I have downed all my water and coffee :) Food and liquid weighs a lot so the morning weight can be a good one to go with.

    I doubt you have gained......especially if those jeans fit!

    I think you should buy yourself a nice digital scale (walmart has them at a reasonable price) for Valentine's day. That way you can weigh in at a consistent time each week.


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