Monday, February 2, 2009

I went at lunch and bought some flowers to plant. Something other to do then eat! They are very colorful. Have stayed right on the plan, still seems kind of easy. I copied some recipes from a cookbook. Some that looked like I had a shot. I am kind of excited to being trying to cook. I am bored off my A** at work. I am the only one in this office lots of the time now, since my co-worker went off and had another baby. This has been something to get use to also. I keep trying real hard not to call for a refill of my pills. I gotta be strong. All morning I have thought about them. I just keep saying I will call in a minute. Seems to be working. I will keep it up. I walked this morning, huffed and puffed, but did it. I have thought more about the damn pills and such instead of food.. Thinking about something other then food or pills. That will be the day!

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