Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have decided to go to my daughter's house even though my massage got canceled. The thoughts of being home all night seemed very scary. Last week it was was totally opposite, and only wanted to eat take a pill and crash at 7 pm. So I need to keep busy.....live a life. It seems weird that I am uncomfortable with living, not sleeping all the time, it feels like I've left my good friend sloth deglected. That's right Dana, sabotage yourself. Don't make a good choice, slither back to the obyss of self pity, shame and feeling like the world would be better without you. So off I go to get get another plant, and to check out paint for the downstairs, then out to Cassie's. I am wanting to get some feedback from other bloggers. see what they have to say, about my f***ed life. Oh well.............get the hell away from the computer too.....nutjob

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