Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the ok...

I got the ok to walk at the doctor's. The cyst can't move (it's not a clot). It doesn't hurt as much today. He did give me a anti imflamatory that seems to help. So I shall walk today. He didn't weigh me, so I will weigh later. Maybe for a while I just concentrate on healthy. I have been eating low carb for sure, food program is still intact. I really need to fill that gallon jug of water up and get to drinking. I did go for a little walk that night. Nothing big though. I don't like to exercise, but I do need to do it. I know that. The motivation mojo is fading. I don't feel as perky as last week. I haven't wanted to eat bad, it's just seemed easier. I know this is why I am bloggin. To get thru these kinds of feelings. I need to get grateful with a quickness. So what have I got to be grateful for....LOTS. I am still geting dressed every day. Last month that was just not done.....and for along time before that. I feel better about myself just by making that one change. One small right choice makes it easier to make that next right choice. Work is going much better also. I am here all by myself today. I brought lots of I should ok. I am keeping myself busier at home, time goes by faster and I feel better about myself because I am accomplishing something. Not just watching TV. It got to the point that I wanted to throw the remote thru the TV. The past couple of weeks I haven't watched very much. I can grateful for that. Damn my head that tells me I am not doing enough, your never going to loose this weight, your life can't really change. I call Bullshit! I am starting to recognize when I am lieing to myself. Daily Affirmations......I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!!!!!!

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  1. good job on the affirmations!!

    I hated to exercise at the beginning..........I literally had to convince and drag myself out the door for my 30 min walk each day. After a few weeks, it got easier..everything, the breathing, the sore muscles, EVERYTHING!!

    Now when I miss a few days of exercise, I don't feel good and I crave it :)

    You can do it :)


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