Friday, February 13, 2009


Did I really seriously think I could eat as much as I wanted ( low carb )and loose weight. Silly girl, tricks are for kids! Hello self denial, I recognize you. So I will need to ADJUST my diet. I got on some digital scales and it said 257.5lbs. So that means I lost another pound. I think I can do better. I didn't really move last week either. I am doing many things right both diet and ME wise. I am going to try harder this next week. I do feel good about the jeans thing and that though I am not walking like I will be, compared to 3 weeks ago, I am so much better. I actually have not watched so much TV. I am taking care of things. Trying to stay up alittle later. Plus I am dealing with this whole knee thing and the pills. Which, I must say I feel is as much a victory as the 1 lb. Maybe more. I also will up my water, I started yesterday and drink half a gallon. I guess I also need to lay off the sugar free popsciles too. At least for the 1st little bit. DAMN IT. Oh well. things in "real world" are going well too. Work good, family good, church good, friends good. I am feeling more secure and not just giddy like I was last week. All gung ho and shit. I am really trying to enjoy the journey, not to be obssessed with the scale, but notice the changes inside and be grateful and proud of those things too. So onward and upward. I will move more this next week, drink more water and eat less carbs. I CAN WORK THIS PROGRAM. WORK BEING THE KEY WORD.


  1. yay! a lb lost to me is a great milestone! Dont get discouraged and keep the water intake up. U are approaching this positively and thats all that matters, ur doing a great job!

  2. thanks diva......but I crumbled last night, today is a new day. I will just hop back on. Staying positive!


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