Wednesday, March 18, 2009

flat bread?? what do I do with it?

OK, really quick, if anyone out there knows of good things to do with flat bread let me know. They told me at WW yesterday it's only 1 point. So feel free to enlighten me. I know I can count on my fellow blogger friends.


  1. Treat it like a burrito shell!

    Take the flat bread, do a line of humus, some cut up veggies, lettuce & a little dressing.

    Roll & eat! YUM!

  2. yep, use it as bread. Makes great breakfast wraps ;) with scrambled eggs too!

  3. maybe like a sub bun? Or a taco? Enjoy.

  4. Use the flatbread as a bread (wrap). I have used the flatbreads as a base for a low point pizza. 1 point for the flatbread, 1 point for the sauce and 1 point for a serving of fat free shredded moz. cheese (if you don't like the way it melts, get some of the spray beat I think is the brand name.....5 sprays is zero points...spray that on top of the cheese and it helps it melt better). So you have a type of pizza for 3 points. Not to bad either!


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