Friday, March 13, 2009


Good thing I am not supersitous. Only bad thing that happened today is the traffic sucked, my entire 4 mile drive home....I know, stop complaining. Work was fast today, it seemed to fly by. Now I have all next week off for spring break. Yippy!! I need to be careful with my eating. I will plan something to do each day and see how it goes. I will try to walk every day, outside. My knee was alittle tight this morning, but it seems ok, so YEAH! I need to go out and help my daughter some next week. Bless her heart, I just am not a kid person, and she has 4. I do try to help out, but I get freaked real easy by kids. Although I think I am a better grandma since I started working in the nursery at my church. Tonight I am going to visit my old lady friend. Bless her heart, she's 84 and is still so bright, and funy, and with it. She loves to watch Walker Texas Ranger.....I hate that show and talk crap the enitre way through it, just to tease her. Anyway, she cracks me up. So if I just come home and go to bed, I should be great. Heads up...Fiber one bars work better then the ladies little pink pills, you know the ones. So good for me! I've found the secret to a happy life is to stay regular. I didn't walk today, cause of my knee I don't want to hurt it again. It's just starting to feel better. I want to give a shout to Jinx, go get 'em for the race, I will hope for slightly cool with no wind in your forcast! If I knew how to do the link thing I would link you to her blog. Baby steps....Enjoy the weekend.


  1. metamucil, lots of water, and tons of veggies and fruit :) work for me :)
    mmmmm....Fiber One bars are good but they get me craving!

    I don't like Walker Texas Ranger either ;)

  2. I am not a "kid" person either... more and more I hear of little techniques that parents (and relatives) use...

  3. Thats the ticket!Plan ahead! Hey woman thanks for the shout out! That was so sweet.....hmmmm.......i'll post soon and let you know how the race went! I did end up going. Jinx!


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