Monday, March 16, 2009

good Monday morning.....spring break baby

Well I had an awesome weekend. On Saturday I went to the Aloha Festival. I did have some sticky rice and spam....and some noodles. But I did pretty good. Then on Sunday I spent the entire day out at my daughter's house. Has a great time with her and the kids. Dyed my hair a faint red, love it. I walked 2 miles and seemed to do well, but then I couldn't go to sleep cause the damn knee ached so bad. Same thing today. I got up this morning and took a car load of my little old lady friends to Mexico so they could stock up on their medication. We crossed at Yuma, and everyting was good, nothing scarey. I had a fun time, and laughed my ass off. But, I didn't get any sleep last night, so I am so tired and don't feel like weighing in tonight. I will go 1st thing in the morning. I had an upset tummy all day. I think I will do ok, but last night I kept eating those Healthy Choice fudgesicles when I couldn't sleep. I hope I didn't screw things too much. I had a great time with my sweet 84 year old friend friday night. She cracks me up. I am feeling really great lately, positive, and full of hope. Thanks for all your inspiration. I have been drinking the Exfuse drink, and I can tell a differance. Hope you are all having a great Monday also. Life is GOOD!!


  1. Dana, so glad to hear things are good with you. You talking about your little ladies makes me think of my great aunt and grandmother, they always told the best stories and always had us laughing. Glad you like you're new hair color.

  2. Going to Mexico you are brave. LOL! Glad you had a nice time. Keep babying that knee. You know i think biking is a little easier on the knees isn't it?? NOt sure. Jinx!

  3. I love love love that final sentence. (glances to the left. and outliers :))


  4. sounds like you are keeping busy :) Popsicles can be very addictive ;)~ But I guess it's better than a tub of ice cream ;)


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