Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Thursday Morning

Feeling good this morning. Knee is feeling sore, but not actually pain. I am calling the insurance company today, and I have to go the Social Security office today. (may God have mercy on my soul) I hate to wait, so this ought to get me in a really good mood. I am just going to be cool, bring a book, and chill! we'll see what happens. Read lots of good things to get me going this morning. I loved Carla's last 2 posts. She has hit the nail on the head. This food addiction thing is totally centered in my mind, not in the food. This I know to be true. Then my mind tried to tell me that it's ok, I can handle a little sugar without binging.... it's a total mind F**k. Gotta love the brain. I have been trying this super juice called Exfuze. I wasn't very hungry yesterday, we'll see if it happens again today. Truely, if I only ate when I was hungry.....I wouldn't be a Fatty Mcbutterpants! Can I get an AMEN. I am hoping to have my computer at work fixed today so I can post some more. KEEP INSPIRING ME!!!!


  1. Food is purely emotional for me!!!!! Maybe, you can find something else to do when you feel that urge to eat. I love to sometimes I'll do that. Sometimes I'll just tell myself...I am worth more than that donut, those chips or that piece of cake!!!

  2. You totally have my "AMEN"...because I am totally a food addict. I don't eat only when I'm hungry...I just eat because I love food. I love the tastes and textures! I'm a total addict! But, this is a mind game. Mind over matter! (or in this case, mind over food!)

    We can overcome this!

    Thanks for the heads up that you were the one that I was talking about in my post...I've gone back and linked that post into my entry!

  3. That's why for me eating 5-6 meals a day works best, I can graze all day because even when I'm not hungry I want to eat. It's definitely a mental game. Hang in there, you're doing it.

  4. I do best when i stay away from sweets all together!The craving eventually subsides. But if i have a little bit its like i have to conquer the craving all over again.
    I loosened up the reins over the holidays and boy was it hard to get it back together again. But i feel more and more in control all the time. Jinx!


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