Friday, March 27, 2009

plans for the weekend

I had a good day yesterday. I did eat at a salad bar place ( my daughter was already there, or I wouldn't have picked it ) I only had a small salad......that was it. I had little dressing and no cheese. Then I had left over spagetti for dinner. Last night was the 1st night in a while that I wanted to eat in the evening. I went upstairs and just went to bed early. So good for me! I walked on the treadclimber at work and around the park at my grandson's football practice.

Saw the surgeon about my knee. I asked him if I could wait awhile and see if what happens. Cause for one thing I don't have the deductile yet, another is if I can loose a little more weight I can could put it off for a while. The doctor told me that the tear isn't going to repair it's self and I shouldn't wait too long. Well I guess I better really start thinking of a way to get the money. I can't afford another monthly payment right now, so I hate to do a payment plan thing. I wish I didn't have to worry about being able to afford medical care. I have a job, I work, and I have insurance, yet I worry about coming up with money for this thing. Dang it. Oh well...something will happen. Things always work out.

I am still feeling like a real person, so I will be grateful today. I am going to sit with my 84 year old friend tonight. She always makes me smile. I have walked this morning and I am looking forward to Subway for lunch. I am going on GeGe ( that's me, I don't feel like a grandma ) and grandson date tomorrow. He got 2 stars everyday at school and he wants time with me as a reward. It just doesn't get any better. I am going to take him to the Monsters movie and a healthy lunch. I have plans with a friend to go walking in the morning.....and I will go to church. I always feel so good after I have go.

Have a great weekend


  1. Keep making those better choices!!:)

  2. That is so sweet that your grandson picked you as his reward!!!

  3. I hope you somehow get the costs covered for your knee and you're right everything usually works out. I've had a similiar situation with my son, even with insurance there were additional costs not covered by insurance and somehow we were able to come up with the money.

    I love the name of GG! I can tell you have a close relationship with your grandson. Hope you had a great time with him and have a great weekend!

  4. I love how you wrote said ANNOUNCED you will be grateful today.

    Im working daily to focus on the gratitude.

    have a good weekend.


  5. the date with your grandson sounds like fun!! I think you are really getting into a groove.....way to go!

  6. Sounds like you've got some GREAT plans there girl. Planning ahead is key!
    I'm so sorry about your knee. Everything will work out. Just hang in there. Just keep on working on losing weight . Less weight will make it so much easier to hobble around on a bum knee . Keep your chin up! Jinx!

  7. Good luck with the knee. Check with a second opinion to see if that doctor is also pushing for you to get it fixed asap!


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