Wednesday, March 4, 2009


While I was on blogger a couple of days ago and my computer at work got a virus. For some reason I haven't been able to post from my co-workers computer. Anyway it was weird, I couldn't write all dayI. Not that I have anything earth shattering to say, still.......what if??

Stayed on points and have been tracking everything. The doctor says that the cyst in my leg somehow leaked into my leg. That's why the swelling. Plus, I have torned medicsas(totally wrong spelling) something, and they want to do a scope to trim and clean the area. I am concerned about the procedure. How I am going to pay the deductable, where I am going to stay when I have it done. I have about 9 stairs to climb to get to my room. The pain pills aren't really working, then I have that whole am I really in that much pain or do I just want to take the pills. Say hello to my addict friend, ME. I am sure it will all work out, it always does. Since I can't really even walk, I really can't exercise, which is pissing me off too. Just when I have my moving mojo back and I can't move. So I have been really watching my points. I have been thinking this is one way to try to change my thinking about WHY I want to loose weight. I read a great post today by HopeFool about WHY do you want to loose weight. Anyway, she made me think about my whys. Are my intentions for wanting to loose the weight the right intentions? Probably not all my intentions are pure, but then anyone with an ego probably feels the same way. But, now that my health and my movement are limited I really want to loose weight just for that reason alone. I have been pretty good the last couple of days as far as overeating. Even if it's "diet food" I am still binging.

Well enough from me, hope all is well in your world........


  1. Hopefool's post was pretty great.

    Sorry to hear about your leg. I guess at least now you know what's wrong and can go forward from there.

  2. I'm glad I made you think, but I have to deflect the praise and say that I was on writing in reaction to a bunch of other blogs I read. This whole blogosphere thing is so inspiring. (Can you tell I am still in my honeymoon phase with blogging?)

    Sorry about your knee. Let me answer your question about the stairs because I have been there (surgery on one heel, and then a second surgery on that heel with surgery on the other ankle the same day).

    Here's what you do. You plan to live on the main floor of your home near a bathroom for a while. You cook meals in advance. You get your laundry done. You buy a shower chair if you think you'll need it... Etc.

    You just plan it all out as best as you can and then do not be afraid to ask for help. People love to feel needed and useful like that.

    You especially need to get yourself help in getting home from the hospital (you'll need it the most the first day). I always feel better having someone else medicate me on the first day home because I'm so out of it I'm afraid I'll OD.

  3. I just wanted to say 'hi', I saw your blogger name on HopeFool's site, and I used Fatty McButterPants as my tag on my weight loss posts...

    Kevin James fan?

  4. Your right it will all work out. Just try to keep your spirits up. Move as much as possible. You can do floor exercises can't you? Situps etc....Don't let that all or nothing mentality get you. Doing something is better than nothing. Sending good thoughts your way.Jinx!


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