Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well another day of vacation gone. I had a good day, got up early and clean up alittle then went to work for a while. Stopped by and visited with my84 year old friend Nadine. I love their family. She hasn't been doing that great. To tell you the truth she just wants to go home. She's tired and she misses her husband of 64 years. He passed away almost a year ago. I love old people. The crabbier the better. They make me feel young. I was a nurse for 15 years and worked mostly in nursing homes. I really did love that job. Too bad you had to work so DAMN hard. The money was not the greatest either. was good with eating. I tried to roast green beans tonight. they turned out gross. I think the green bean were old. I also kind of burned them (so cooking challenged) They were suppose to taste like frys, they didn't. I will try again. I walked for 20 mins on the treadclimber. That felt good. My knee has been holding up pretty good. I didn't drink enough water, but tomorrow is another day! I will do better. I have decided that I am weakest food wise when I am bored and tired. So I am blogging to keep the hands out of the cupboard. I bought some processed food snacks. not to bright, I know. But I do like a little sweet. Sweets are not my food of choice. I am all about the salty and fatty. I am still drinking my Exfuze juice every morning and I swear it is really helping with my hunger. Like I've said before, if I onlly ate when I was hungry I won't look like this. But it seems like it's been a good week. No binges. I am trying to be on top of my feelings and my food. I feel really focused, I wish my knee felt better. This would be ideal, but I will do what I can. I think I am going to go bra shopping tomorrow. My girls need a lift. Good night all.....I am an early to bed early to rise.


  1. Those green bean "fries" probably require you to use your imagination. LOL!Many times i've overeaten when i was bored or tired while watching TV etc.... and i realized i should have just gone to bed. A few extra hours of shut eye are good for you now and then. So now i try to do that. If i've tried some water and tried some fruit and i'm still munchy i just go to bed if all else fails. Your doing great! Keep it up Jinx!

  2. Way to go on a good week. Good luck with the bra shopping seems I can't find any now I like, my boobs are weird now lol. Hope your knee gets to feeling better, mine was feeling weird this morning, think I forgot my arthritis meds last night. Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. It's amazing how a good bra can take 10 lbs off of you :)

    Good job on the great week binge-free!! I know what you mean about eating when bored ;) or lonely. I should never feel that way but sometimes I do.


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