Monday, April 27, 2009

back to work..

It's hard to go back to work after such a nice weekend. But here I am. I have been cleaning and filing all morning. Getting ready for an anual audit here at work. I want things to go well, and to be able to find things. I feel much better knowing that I have done my best here at the office.

I told my landlord that I had put bids in on a house. He was very nice, and told me he hoped I'd get it. He is my boss I went back over and looked at the houses yesterday when I took the boys home. I am really anxious to see what happens with the bids. I should hear something on one of the houses today.

I was up at 3 am this morning. I went to bed very early last night, I was on a binge and wanted to stop the madness! I can't sleep in, but I can go to bed early to make for it! I was pooped anyway since I didn't sleep well with the 2 boys kicking me out of bed the night before. I got alot done this morning around the house and then got 60 minutes of walking in this morning before work. I really like having walking makes it much more fun.

I am feeling very "tingling" from the zoloft withdrawl......I wish I would have done it with more tapering down, instead of almost cold turkey....stupid, I know. Kind of dizzy too. I am not driving, and actually feel better then yesterday. I went to Walgreen's last night to get some stuff, and I almost had a freak out in the candy aisle. I had a battle with myself right there. damn candy! I "thought" I wanted chocolate. I don't even like chocolate, and besides, I have enough treats at home. I walked out of the store with sugar free gum instead. I ripped open that gum and stuffed a peice in mouth. That's when I decided to just hit the sack!

I have a weigh in tonight. My eating was not the best over the weekend. I tried, and know that I did my best. Things could have been alot worse. So whatever happens, well I have no one but myself to blame. I need to remind myself that I have NSV's that really mean more then that number......REMEMBER that. Life happens and I have to be flexible and kind to myself. My knee, or actually that cyst behind the knee is giving me fits. I walked every day this weekend. So that's good too.

Best get back to the grind.....These bills aren't going to pay themselves...

Good Monday!


  1. Let's you and I make a pact to remove the word blame from our vocabulary! If berating myself had ever proved helpful, I'd been Miss Twiggy this very second of my life.

    I've done the zoloft tingle. Not fun. Take good care of yourself.

  2. You walked out with sugar free gum! HUGE victory! There have been many nights where I just decided to 'go to bed' instead of fighting the urge to snack! Hey, whatever works right????

    Can't wait to hear how the house purchase is proceeding!

  3. Been there with Paroxetine zuzziness - it is awful, but stops eventually. I hate it, but I have to take the drugs when I get really low and it is a life-saver, so I pay the price when it comes to withdrawal.

    Good luck with the audit and the house bids!

  4. Good luck on your WI tonight.

    Good luck with the house!

    Sorry about the withdrawl symptoms.

  5. I had no knowledge of Zoloft, so I looked it up. Wow, everyone talks about the electric buzz associated with Zoloft plus a bunch of other serious side effect. Please...Be careful. Don't you think you should talk to your doctor about this? Maybe I'm just a worry wart, if so you can tell me to just mind my own business. :)

    I'm crossing my fingers that you get the house you want.


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