Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Day After

Well yesterday was a great day. Walked 2 miles before work. I am going to get a pedometer. What is a good one? That way I will know how much I am really walking. I ate well yesterday, everything OP. My son had a great B-Day. A sweet friend, whose family owns the school made him a double chocolate cake. I did not budge. I really do not like chocolate. He was in heaven. We sang happy birthday. He got like a million litle kid hugs and lots of pats on the back, I work for awesome people! I am so grateful for that!

We went to a park for a bring your dinner and then he had another cake. It was kind of last minute, and just a few people came. He was so totally happy with his day. I thought he might have taken today off so he could go out and party with his frineds, but he was in bed by 9 pm. He has to get up at 5:25 am every morning. He is a great kid, and I am a lucky mom. I have so little worries with either child.

I was noticing last night how easy it was for me walk around at the park. We "hiked" back away from the pond ( too many toddlers ). I found it so easy. I almost sat down right there on the sidewalk and cried. It just feels so freaking GOOD. I like to be able to wear everything in closet, for the most But it is a different feeling entirely then the JOY and GRATITUDE I felt last night. I am grateful for my willingness to follow thru on me. To be able to follow thru and being truthful to myself. I have told myself millions of time that I will start the process and eat better and move more, but sadly never followed thru. I would tell myself that even when I knew for sure it was a lie. Today I feel a measure of self confidence and a sense that maybe I really am worth it! I know for sure that that is the key to loosing and maintaining your weight.

Have a good grateful


  1. Awesome post. Congratulations on your successes, both as a grateful person and as a mother. It's nice to like your kids as well as love them.

  2. I'm so happy for you that you're moving easier and feeling good. Glad your son's Birthday was so nice too. Sounds like a really great day!!!


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