Friday, April 17, 2009


Well it's the end of another work week. School is almost over. It is going to be sunny and warm today. NICE. I went out and looked at houses last night, took the kids to the park, while my grandson had his footbal practise. I was so upset. I lost my new pedometer. ON THE 1st DAY using it. My walking buddy gave it to me. It wasn't a cheap one either. I looked and looked, but no meter. So I am going to buy a new one, so she doesn't find out what a dope I am. My fat roll kept popping it off my pants. DAMN IT. I was over 10,000 steps too. I loved using it. I ran again last night, further then I did the other day. IT FEELS SO GOOD! So far so good with the knee.

I went to my little church get together last night. Women only! So nice. I love my church!

Different women brought a shoe that ment something to them. It was so inspiring!! Everyone has a story. Nobody lives an ordinary life.....nobody. I love the thought, it allows me to be kinder to those around me. Sometimes I forget that the world doesn't revolve around me. That others have a harder road to walk then others. It's at times this that I thank my Heavenly Father for my PROBLEMS. I have it good! The food was great too. I had a little of everything I "wanted" , even the cake.....but just the cake, no frosting, and just half. Yummy. I still feel good about my choices! Drank lots of water, almost a half gallon.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I will walk in the morning with my walking buddy, and on the treadclimber later today. Going back out to babysit my grandkids as a favor to my son. My daughter and he have an arrangement, she pays him to sit every weekend. He has to go to his best friend's college graduation. I am hoping it might inspire him to start If only people would do what I say........EEk....don't even kid about that!

Have a great day......remember the Golden Rule


  1. So glad you are walking so well and no knee troubles - shame about the pedometer. Mine fell off when I was cutting the grass last week, but I managed not to go over it with the mower, lol!

    The shoe at the church sounds like a lovely idea and I agree about how everyone's lives are different. It is good not to judge or jump down someone's throat without thinking. Everyone has trials throughout life.

    I love your positive posts - they are always a joy to read. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. how was the weekend? were you able to walk? and WHY do I know if you babysat you also worked off a LOT of calories!

    kids keep us m-o-v-i-n-g huh?



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