Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good day yesterday and today. Stayed really busy at work, I am feeling better about the job front. It's out of my control anyway. I am just feeling better period. I have eaten well, and have been walking alot. I went 3 times yesterday with 3 different friends. I was nice. so yesterday I probably walked 5 miles. Knee is holding up good. I went to Sprouts last night and got some fruits and veggies and fish. YUM. I am going out to my daughter's tonight to watch the grandkids for about anhour then and fix scallops for my daughter and myself. We'll see what the kids want to eat. Getting up and walking by 5:45 makes me feel great! I am up at around 4 am everyday, and so that is great for me. I have the day off tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. Lots of walks at the bird park for me. I am alittle bit afraid about my weigh in on Monday, the day after Easter dinner. I will be careful, I really don't like chocolate, but I do love me some rolls, and green bean casserole, ect, ect, ect. I will keep on guard though....those feeling can sneak right up on ya!


  1. its good that you are more active and your knee is better. I just got back from vacation and i was too busy to read ur blogs so I am catching up and I love ur progress! Keep it up!

  2. Soooo glad to hear you are walking and taht the knee is holding up well! :-)

    Make the best choices you can at Easter dinner....and then move on. Do not dwell on what you did do or didn't do! It's one day!

  3. My philosophy (sp?)(LOL) is i can eat what ever i want on holidays. But and thats a big BUT a holiday is only one day! Christmas is not a week long for example. LOL! But then for me holidays and food go together. The atmosphere the mood etc... wouldn't be the same if i had to be constantly on guard of what i ate. So for that one day i can let my guard down. If i wasn't able to eat what i want then that wouldn't be living the life i want. The trick is getting right back on it the next day. That can be a bit of a struggle.
    I'm so glad your feeling better and your knee is holding up to your walking. You sound like your in a good place and i'm so happy for you. Have a happy Easter! Jinx!


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