Saturday, April 4, 2009

slipped up

I was hungry yesterday I did overeat, but I fell asleep early, so it could have been lots worst. The chocolate kisses are the trash. I do not even like choclate. Well I feel hung over. I slept too long and feel groggy. I am getting ready to go walking at the bird park. I am going to do better today. I am going to drink more water then I did yesterday. I ran out early at work yesterday, so I didn't drink as much as I should. I just couldn't stop eating when I got home. I was caught in the food frenzy. I am glad that I was so tired, I didn't have plans last night. Things have been kind of stressful at work, and I have stressing out. Trying to make it all about me, and it isn't, yet I can make it seem that way in my mind. I guess what I am trying to say is that, I was afraid I was in trouble at work, but I wasn't. I didn't do anything wrong, but sometimes you never know. Things are getting tight. I know the owners are kind of freaked out too. I think we willl be ok, but nobody has any money really. I don't know what I would do if I lost my job. Scary+Fear+No Control=Overeat. I want to do better today. So I will make the choices I know are healthy ones. The ones that would suggest a friend make. I treat myself better when I follow my own Let's go out and make it a great day!


  1. Dana, sorry you're stressed about work, I do know the feeling. As for the slip up it's over and sounds like you're moving on. Way to go on all the walking you've been doing. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Now i know you're going to have a great day today! Maybe tomorrow post how you made it a great day??

  3. Stress can trigger an eating frenzy. I know that too well!

    Remember to breathe and treat your body with the respect and healthy choices it deserves. The rest is out of your control so there's no sense in giving it any of your energy. Stress sets you back......and you want to move forward :)

  4. Just make today better than the day before.....sounds like a plan girlfriend! Jinx!Sieze the day!

  5. Man stress can knock me for a big ole loop as well. ESPECIALLY work stress.
    It's a new week.
    whats the plan, Sister?

    And it can be as simple as focusing on moment by moment and working to put one foot in front of the other and keep your head u p and your mind FOCUSED on success.

    perhaps start doing a minute of mediation today? literally. and increasing by a minute all week up to FIVE BY FRIDAY?

    just a thought for lessening stress...

    you know where to find me...



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