Monday, April 6, 2009

seen better seen worse

Well my car broke down. No money to fix it. I have been depressed all weekend. Feeling tired and anxious. Always freaking anxious. I am going to take the car to see how much it will cost to fix, but I don't have any money left over after bills. I want to set some goals this week. I didn't do very good food wise over the weekend, but I did walk everyday. I guess we'll see what the scales say. I was noticing yesterday that I wasn't winded when walking at the park. I love going there, cause I always get lost, and that forces me to walk further then I might have. lol.

1. Gallon water everyday
2. track food better
3. more fruits and veggies
4. walk everyday.

Weigh in tonight, Today is a new day. Thanks to all who left comments. I do need a plan (MIZ) Plan to start the day right, and hope to be able to handle whatever may come. I am reminded that I am not alone!


  1. I've been having car problems too! Today is a new day for you & I'm glad you have a plan. Your post reminds me that we're going to be thrown a curve ball often and the important thing is to be prepared for it.

  2. My car is FIXED. How lovely. I am so grateful for dear friends and family! Now....on to the WI tonight. What ever happens's going to be ok. Life is good!


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