Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is my sister and my nephew, the Groom. I know, she looks like his The wedding was wonderful and the bride was beautiful.
This is Alivia, she insisted on carrying her own bag to the car. The girls were pretty good yesterday on the ride home. Actually they did very well.
I was beat by the time I got home. I woke up at 5:30 am and walked for an hour, then ate some kashi waffles...I love them. Then fell back alseep till around 11 am. I was tired! Then I rode out to my daughter's and went swimming and had alittle lunch. I am back to my clicker, I just tried to stay with sane eating while in Utah. I was very successful in my eating. I ate what I really wanted, and then just a bit. I felt really good about my choices. I had NO DESSERTS at all. However I did eat pizza, and we shared a delicious nachos in Park City.
My sister walked with me 2 out of the 3 mornings. I had to deal with hills. Arizona is flat! I did well, and got quite the workout. I think the weigh in will be ok tomorrw night. If I can just hold on to my "sick" weight that I lost last week I would ok with it.
I had such a great time. My sister was, as always a great hostess. I love my sisters. I am so grateful for that relationship. I read this Mother's Day article on MSN that I loved and reminded me of my me and my sisters. We haven't always been close, but when my mother passed away ( and I got clean ) our relationship became very good. I think it's because #1 I love them and they are awesome women, but #2 they remind me of my mother, and my father for the matter. Family is great! I know how lucky am to feel that way!
Glad to back in my own bed and am looking forward to walking in the morning with my buddy. Weight in tomorrw, and I am even glad to get back to work.
RELAX...........enjoy life and the ones the give you joy!


  1. It sounds like you did really well on your trip! I am proud of you. I hope the scales show favor to you.

  2. You did so well! And your family looks so lovely - the kids are adorable!

    Crossing fingers, legs and eyes for a successful weigh-in this week for you.

  3. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!!

  4. Awesome pictures of your family and I'm glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Great pictures, looks like you had a great time. I loved the ones of the little ones especially Alivia carrying her own bags, too cute. Hope weigh-in goes well tonight, good luck.


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