Friday, May 1, 2009

graduation...kind of

The kindergarten graduation was HOT. Turn the dang AIR on for crying out loud. I know there is a budget stortage, but dang it. They sang some cute songs, but I was ready to get out of there. The girls and I went home early. It's always an adventure taking kids out in public. Funny story, I am struggling with my grandaughter on my lap. Finally I decide to go home. When I get out of the cafe-auditorium ( what a name ) I realize that my buttons have come undone to my BOOB AREA. Oh crap...taking me out is an adventure also. No picture of that sorry sight but here are some of the kids. The auditorium was too dark to get any really good pics of him "preforming".
Was not hungry yesterday. Did really well food and exercise wise. Drank a gallon of water before noon! So feeling good about all that. My knee wasn't as bad this morning, but I only did a mile and half.
I have Sweet Nadine's veiwing tonight and furneral tomorrow. It will nice to see lots of people I haven't seen for awhile. I haven't even been back over to see her daughter I've been so busy this week. That, and well, I don't want to have to deal with those feelings. I'll have a good cry at the funeral, that will be good for me. Imiss her lots.
Work has been frantic this past couple of days. I will be glad when today is over. I did brake down and take a half of a half of zoloft yesterday...I just couldn't take it. That's tapering off, I guess. Do feel better. TODAY.
Enjoy your day.......TODAY.

why is there this big gap???????????????


  1. The kids are adorable! :-) Your button story sounds sooo like something I would do. So I have to admit, that I chuckled!!!!

    Keep up the good work, sounds like you are doing great!!!

  2. Zoloft is a drug that is supposed to be weened off, not just stopped. I'm surprised your doctor didn't do that! Although, I've learned they aren't the smartest when it comes to drugs/antidepressants.

  3. I'm glad you are having a good day. :)

  4. ADORABLE kiddos!

    lol about the buttons...I've had that happen, too--sheesh.

    Sending you loving thoughts as you remember Sweet Nadine tonight and tomorrow.


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