Tuesday, May 19, 2009

okay post trip WI

Well WW weigh in last night wasn't too bad...up.4 lb. I am ok with it, I didn't count points while I was on my trip....and I am just happy to maintain my "sick" weight last week. Last week I weighed in the morning and I was sick and hadn't eaten for 2 days. I usually weigh in the evenings. So I am very happy with the number. I kind of over did it last night, but by the time I got home from WW I was starving...not a good place to be. All in all I did good yesterday.

I got started extra early this morning with my walk....we did 3.5 miles this morning. Plus, I got my 1st blisters! Kind of a badge of courage. I can say that cause they really aren't that bad. I am off to a great start with my water. Using the clicker again, and staying on points. So next week there will be a loss!

Funny wedding story......I bought a size too small pantyhose. I don't wear pantyhose so I thought that size would be ok. Well, they weren't! In the middle of the ceremony I had to chase one of the grandkids and the panythose went SOUTH. As in down around my crotch. I was so embrassed and alittle freked out. What if I tripped on the dang things.?! Plus I had on heels ( never wear those either...Who was I trying to be?? ) I went home and had to change into something else. I wanted to get a picture of me in my dress, but didn't happen. It was a cute dress too. Oh well. Next time! I decided long ago if something crazy happens...it will happen to me. One of the many laws of nature I guess. It was funny, after the fact.

Onward and DOWNWARD for next week's weigh in!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the wedding. Congrats(?) on your blister!

  2. I always seem to have those crazy stories about something happening to me. I think most of us have probably had a pantyhose story lol. I'm sure a man invented those things lol.

  3. After that trip and the previous week's loss, that is not too bad and next week will be a good loss, the way you are going!

    Commiserations on the blister - mine are still killing me, but they were both biggies, lol!

    Love the story of the pantyhose - shame about the picture - maybe you can do a retake (of the dress that is, not the pantyhose incident).

  4. I'm so proud of you.....a sports related injury! Blisters! I'm sorry for being so excited about it, but when I get an injury (ok, boo booo) from some physical activity, I get giddy because it is so unlike the old me and just emphasizes the new me!

    Ohhh the pantyhose story made me laugh! It's not just you...I went to a wedding in October (I was actually the guest book attendent) and my strap on my sundress broke. Luckily i was wearing a jacket over it...so I was able to pretend that nothing was wrong....while trying to keep my dress up of course. tee hee hee

  5. lol about the pantyhouse. I'm glad they didn't go too far south, and I'm sure it was awful during, but funny now.

  6. Wearing pantyhose and heels are so foreign to me now - I'm miserable when I have to wear them.

    Glad to hear about the nice long walk. I hope the blister doesn't last too long.


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