Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flying with the President

Well I hope the worst is over. I was sicker last night then the night before. Not good. I was thinking last night about my weigh in and well, it's not a "true" loss. I am way sick and haven't eaten anything and kept it down for 2 days. I need to remember that when it comes around to next week. If I haven't lost, well I won't be upset. Don't give the scales too much power when they tell you what you want to hear either!

Another thing I was thinking about is what I did last week to carry into this coming week....which is going to be differant as I am going on vacation. The best thing I did last week was the WW clicker! I tracked so much better. It hasn't really matter the last couple of days that I haven't eaten anything, but I loved it last week. It HELPS.

Next thing is I go to bed early!! Way early sometimes. That cuts my nighttime eating ( worst time ) to almost nothing. When I wake early I am not hungry. Mornings are my best time. I think it's important to find your rhythm. I joke with this blogger http://thattopslady.blogspot.com/ about what she eats for breakfast, but she has found her rhythm. Since she sleeps late she eats differantly. 3rd thing is the H2O. It matters!! I drank at least a half gallon every day last week.

I am leaving tomorrow night for my trip to see my sister. The bad part is the President is flying in as I am flying out. I hope it is not a nightmare. I don't fly often, and get kind of nervous. I am sure nothing will happen. Think of all that extra security!! I am also nervous about flying with one of my granddaughters on my lap. I barely fit in the seat. Again, I am sure it will be fine.

http://bmimedical.blogspot.com/2009/05/is-vicarious-goal-fulfillment-to-blame.html. I loved this post by this doctor. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I'll say it again this is not about FOOD. I wish it was it would be alot easier!

Have a great day...be grateful for your health! I know I will not take it for granted....for a while anyway! lol...I'm human


  1. I've got to ask what a ww clicker is?? And do you buy it at the ww meeting??

  2. :( I hope u feel better!! Have a good trip!!


  3. I hope you are feeling better soon! AND that you have a great trip!

    I loved your reminder when you said, Don't give the scales too much power......how true how true!!!

  4. I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog! If you are ever in my area (oklahoma), you'll have to come over and have an enchilada breakfast. ;) *wink, wink*

  5. Feel better soon!

    Have a good/safe trip!

  6. So Sorry you're feeling bad. Especially with a trip coming up. Nothing worse than traveling when you are not feeling well. Hope you get better right away!

  7. Have a great trip and I'm going to check out the WW clicker, it sound like a cool tool. Hope you get better!

  8. Just came across your blog. It's very nice! Have a safe trip!


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