Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frozen WHAT??

I am kind of not feeling it today. I only went 2.5 miles this morning and I am hungry even though I just ate a bowl of Cheerios. So I sense that I should be on guard today for a little me against my mind warfare. I am just taking it one battle at a I will be victorious!

My walking buddy brought me some frozen grapes this morning. Ok, they are good! Now I am wondering what else I can make a popscile out of! Any suggestions?

My other walking buddy and I heard of this frozen yorgurt place. We went to check it out last night and it was delicious! Only 2 pts for the one I had that night. Since we found a Subway just 2 doors down, we decided to spilt a sandwich. It was a nice evening. The weather hasn't been too hot for June in Arizona. Evenings are especially nice. I went for a little stroll after I got home. I felt just the right amount of full.

Work is coming right along. Summer is when they do all the repairs and stuff to the schools, so it's been just busy enough. Everyone but me is one vacation this week. I work better Don't have much planned other then maybe a swim after work.

I was trying on some more pants, and I am right in between a 18 and a 16. 18s are loose but the 16s are not yet comfortable. Maybe my friend has some more stuff to hand down to me. She gave me some really cute long shorts, but they are really too big almost. What a tough problem to have. NAUGHT! I love it!

I shall press forward today.....keeping the food and the mood real...I like that little saying. Corny I know!


  1. I love frozen grapes!
    I also love frozen yogurt!
    I love needing a smaller size ( WTG!)
    hehe :)

  2. Congrats on your pants victory!

  3. Frozen grapes are good. My kooky grandma had me try them and I found her to be a little more sane after that.

    I am not really at a fat camp. I am just living my life at home and making myself exercise a lot and watch my calories. Fat camp is just a dream for me but I am not doing too shabby on my own. Who'd of thought we had it in us?

    By the way- congrats on the big weight loss. You are gonna have to change your name.

  4. It's all about the food and the mood. Well said.

  5. Mmmm, frozen melon? Frozen banana? Got to experiement with those, I think! You hot over there or something?

    I too get those days when I feel very tired and in need of a rest. It does us good to take it easy every now and then. Today is my day off from exercise, but that usually results in my being able to crank it up the next day.

    We are behind you - so if you feel the munchies, come on here instead!

    I am at the inbetween stage too at the moment, still in the 20s which also are much looser, but the 18s are still way too tight, lol!

  6. You can make great popscicles out of ice cream. Oh wait... you're trying to lose weight.

  7. I just love those 40 calorie sugar free fudgesicles. They don't make me crave ice cream and want to eat 10 of them but they relieve my sweet tooth. Way to go on the 2.5 mile walk. You are doing so good.

  8. I *still* giggle everytime I say your username :) it's so funny
    When I'm "on" my game, I'll eat some protein and carbs together ~~ usually some chicken with whatever to calm any cravings.
    When I'm not, well ... do your best to distract yourself.
    Boy you have the kind of dilemma I can't wait to have with the pants lol
    Congratulations on the huge weight loss you've had so far!

  9. Frozen blueberries mixed with greek vanilla yogurt! Turns the yogurt almost into ice cream. Really good.

    Way to go on losing more! It's great to say something is too big, isn't it?


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