Saturday, June 27, 2009

give a little love

I am sitting here sweaty, stinky and feeling so FREAKING good. I have walked, washed my car, went into work for about an hour. Plus I have cleaned the entire downstairs!! I have had my ipod blasting (something that i don't do often enough) and that song Give A Little Love by Brian Admas came on. LOVE THAT SONG!! ( wish I knew how to do a audio clip) I am justing taking a break before I tackle the upstairs. I am like the Army.....I get more done before 9 am then most people do all day! well "this" morning

I am going to hit a before noon $5 dollar movie. Feeling like a might want a good cry and go see My Sister's Keeper. I didn't read the book, so I can watch it without sitting there thinking how much better the book is. Cause that's what I always do. Or maybe what I need is 2 hours of Denzel Washington. Decisions, decisons. Then after that I am going to swim and then maybe head out to see the kids.

I want to say just how lovely my friend's son's funeral was. His sister gave the life sketch and was warm and funny. I was able to hold it together till then. The music was beautiful and the luncheon was so nice. Just sat around and visited. Enjoyed each other and his memories. They are a family of story tellers. I love that. People's stories ae just so intersting. I love to hear a good story. I am also so grateful for my believe that I will see him again. Along with all my family that have gone before me. It makes things like this so much easier. FAITH IS AWESOME!!! My sweet friend wanted me right there with her. I love that I was able to be there just for her. She has 5 kids, but they have kids, grandkids and spouses. I never really know sometimes how I fit in in these situations. That family makes me feel like I am loved and wanted, and who doesn't love that, right?!

Make it a great day, and give a little love.....keep the mood and the food real


  1. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful day! I (unfortunately) have not been bitten by the "get up and do something" bug this morning...its almost noon and all I've done is get dressed, make the bed and feed the kids. yikes! I'd better get busy! Wanna come over and clean my house? ;)

  2. You are kicking ass and taking names this morning! It's a fun ride, isn't it?

  3. Wow! What a fantastic day you're having!
    My friend & I are going to see The Proposal tomorrow.

    I am loving my music these days, too. So much better than the drone-box.

    Nice to hear that the funeral went well. But sad that he is gone so young as well.
    How lucky to have a surrogate family like you do. A member of the tribe. Nice.

  4. Like it, Love it, Want more of it!
    (in keeping with the Army theme!)

  5. I TOO am sitting here sweaty, stinky and feeling so FREAKING good LOL

    Kudos on the cleaning. ooooo every one needs a bit of Denzel ;)

  6. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Glad you are having such a great time, even with the sadness that life brings.

  7. This is my first time at your blog and what an entry to walk in on! I agree that your enthusiasm is infectious! What a beautiful post!


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